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By: amanda tom
Blogging is an art of self expression and it is a magic tool for creative writers. Make money or just share your ideas and opinions, do what you may while you are at it, blogging is definitely a much better way to let the world know about your views than posting never ending sentences on Facebook. But do you know how to create your own blog? Of course not, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this article and trying to figure out how to start writing a blog. But writing comes at a later stage. At first you need to figure out how to create the blog so that you can make the most of it. So, here’s a stepwise guide on how to you take the first step into this, very-alive and always-ticking-away world of blogging.

Create your own blog – Step 1: Decide your blog host
If you are just blogging to let off some steam in your personal space with privileged viewers, then there is no point in choosing a paid blog host for your webpage. The control that you will have on the url will be minimum for example, if you are taking the free blog hosting services then along with your domain name, the host’s domain name will also feature in the url.

But if you take the services of a paid blog host then your url will simply be, following from the example taken above. This is ideal for those of you who wish to take their blog to greater heights of popularity and are visualizing it as a way to make money.

The way you will be writing a blog also decides your choice of hosting service provider. If you think your blog can do with a few basic templates and formats and not much plugins then you can go for free blog hosting otherwise, stick with paid services if you are really serious about making a career out of blogging.

Create your own blog – Step 2: Domain registration and nomenclature

And, you thought you could keep on writing and the rest would just fall in place out of the blue? Oh no…that’s not it. Once you have selected your blog host, the next step is to create an account and register in their software which can be easily done if you follow the instructions written in simple English. Domain building is a major step which doesn’t take too much time. You need to just pay the amount and a domain is booked for your blog. And, of course, decide the name of your domain which must include your name and the idea you want to rant about in your blog. Here’s an example of a domain name which is easy to recollect by the readers: – This is a perfect domain name for a blog that aims to attract followers and sub bloggers in the fashion and style category. Also, don’t forget to select your blog theme and customize the preferences. Customization can also be done after you have started publishing blogs.

Technically, you can create your own blog if you read the explanations in the two steps given above. What follows is the role your creativity will play in writing a blog, formatting it, embedding images and videos and linking it with your other social media networking accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
Follow the two steps and create your own blog before you begin writing a blog .

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