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By: Stephanberglund
Do you also work as a photographer? Then I will tell you a bit about how your dream can become a reality. But first and foremost, you must know that there is usually a long road to fame and fortune. It can always happen but most do not. And the best part is that it is not what is important in this profession. For when for a moment with the camera in your hands realize that what gives you joy and uppfylldhet is not money but the actual feeling to be part of creating something, something artistic, which will consist in perpetuity as long as someone takes care of your image. That\'s when you\'re close to understanding what this job offers. Working with the camera, and to always observe how light, shadows, and environment interact with each other becomes a lifestyle. Sometimes even a compulsion.

Shooting in the studio or working as a photographer out in any environment and create pictures of events you can hardly perceive with the naked eye, freeze a moment in time forever, ask your model to hold the pose. Realize that you have to go home because you have been photographing for nearly 12 hours without a break, load the images into your computer, make your selection, the best edit and show them to the world. The feeling of peace is considering to end the waves of frustration that it always means having a creative profession such as photography. Do not think for a day that you come away from that feeling. It\'s likely that you\'ll question yourself and maybe even sell the camera, stop taking pictures and try to convince yourself that it\'s not worth it. Most great photographers have done it.

My advice to you is that when you feel that way when you take a break. Put down the camera, work with something else in a few days, weeks or months. Soon, the back, the feeling ... you\'re impatient. You just have to keep at it a little, feel the trigger, tittta through the eyecup and maybe snap a picture too. And what good it felt. Then you know that it is time again. Dream on about one day to earn your living as a photographer and live your dream. I Kovar it goes. And remember this, it is probably the most important thing you will be told if this is what you really want. Here it comes. It\'s not talent that determines who succeeds. It is persistence and patience. Those who have the energy at the WILL NOT win this race. Talent is a myth. Ambition and hard work is a reality. Believe otherwise. And welcome to us.

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