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By: Betty Baker
For most, photography is simply a hobby that they indulge in from time to time. For some creative souls out there, it is a passion that goes beyond. The good part is that they can actually turn this passion into a profession and spend their life doing something that they love. However, if you want to take photography beyond your passion, you have to be the best at what you do; and good photography classes are the first step to becoming the best.

Before you start, though, there is one important question that you will have to answer: where can you find the best photography classes? If you cannot answer this, you are far from achieving your goal of becoming a great photographer. To fix this, consider getting classes in the top two scenic cities in the U.S.: New York City and Chicago.

Photography Classes in NYC

If you want a professional degree in photography, NYC has plenty of schools that offer these classes. There are more than ten schools that offer photography classes in NYC including the famous New York University. All these universities offer a Bachelor’s program in photography and you can get access to all their facilities while being trained in the art of capturing the right moments by the best professionals.

Aside from these professional colleges, there are several other well-known photographers who offer private photography classes in NYC, all of which focus on different types of photography. If you are specifically interested in learning the ropes of street photography, NYC is the place for you to be. Moreover, there are always some newer opportunities that keep coming up like weekend workshops by professionals who can give you an extra scoop on professional photography.

Photography Classes in Chicago

If you cannot find what you are looking for in NYC, you can check out photography classes in Chicago. Just like NYC, Chicago is a hub of some of the greatest photographers who can help you on your path to become professional in your art. If you want to pursue a photography degree, Columbia College offers both Bachelor and Master degree in Photography. So does the University of Illinois while the Dominican University only has a Bachelors program.

Again, there are several other private photographers who offer photography classes in Chicago along with small weekend workshops. Jason Wolf Digital Images is one of the most well-known photography firms as it offers regular lessons and tours in the city to teach the very basics of photography from a professional point of view. So you will not be missing out on any opportunities to get the best photography classes in Chicago.

What makes these two cities even better for photographers is the fact that they can be employed at good firms at a very competitive pay scale. Even if you are working as a freelance photographer, what you would earn can be substantial in these two cities compared to what photographers get on average in the US. So, if photography is your interest, NYC and Chicago are definitely two cities where you should be if you want to make it big.

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