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By: amanda tom
It is only recently that cork has emerged as a suitable flooring option. From tiles to underlayment, the building industry has found its new and hot favorite in cork. With unique properties like sound insulation, vibration dampening, fire retarding and the like, it is only natural to find cork flooring options increasing by the day. Such is the versatility of these floors that many have chosen cork over wood and use it for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining spaces and so on. If you are intending to get a cork floor in your living space, it is worthwhile getting in touch with professional distributors adept at bringing a certain innovation to the very look of your house using this material.

Given how flooring forms one of the most striking features in well-designed homes and can actually change the mood of inmates and outsiders alike, it is only natural to experiment with numerous options. As a renewable resource, cork is basically made of tree bark that is a greener alternative to the traditional hardwood material. The natural occurring physical properties of cork flooring are a huge hit among users. Its durability and resilience holds up well against foot traffic. Since it retains heat, you are sure to feel warmer under your feet than most other surface options. There are plenty of people suffering from joint pain or few conditions affect young children too. For them, cork proves to be the best solution. The unique cellular structure of cork generates a soft feel, especially for people spending long hours standing. In addition to all this, sound waves are well absorbed by these floors, which work wonders for households where acoustics poses a problem or where noisy children abound causing trouble for neighbors.

Another major benefit of cork is its natural resistance to mold and mildew. Hence, cork flooring works superb as a hypoallergenic option for those who are susceptible to frequent allergy attacks. The presence of the substance called ‘suberin’ in the bark, acts as an insect repellent and helps prevent the release of toxic gases. This antimicrobial property of cork casts its effect on considerable energy saving too as thermal insulation is optimum. Now that cork floors, tiles, underlayment and all other varieties are available in their natural forms or with veneers pressed on them, finding a plethora of designs and colors is no big deal.

While many may consider a cork floor an expensive investment when it comes to the flip side of it, it goes without saying that its benefits surpasses all other shortcomings. You can either think of laying the flooring yourself or talk to professional carpenters who can do the job for you. However, always be certain about your requirements. To make a proper decision, talk to experts and try visiting the online stores. Sometimes their collections and various offers area real garb! In fact, you can also ask for free samples from your distributor and with bulk purchases, free shipping facilities are also provided. In no time, your home will sport a completely refined look.
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