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By: amanda tom
For over a century, cork flooring has been in use but has gained universal recognition of late. Owing to its sustainable nature and eco-friendly properties, cork is now preferred to its hardwood counterparts. Given its surging demand in the market, most modern day homeowners staying in urban households feel cork floors are the best options for them. Most manufacturers of today have become aware about the impulses of consumers and try to provide a wide range of anti-allergenic, durable and insect-resistant flooring options with cork ranking at the top. Now that the best cork material can be found at dealer websites too, installation and repair services are also offered by few of them.

Basics of cork flooring

This type of flooring is sourced from cork oak trees. Unlike what many believe, it is not the wood but the bark that goes in the making of cork sheets and other sustainable products. Farmers peel off the bark in a decade or so and the end product obtained is through another decade’s drying and seasoning. This way a completely eco-friendly product is born. The best thing about cork floors is that the bark utilized for making them is only a section of the entire tree, which means it has not been uprooted for the sake of getting furniture items or flooring materials.

Specialty of cork floors

Apart from environmental benefits, homeowners can derive additional uses with a cork floor. Most of these materials are ideal for homes where kids or elderly people stay. The cushioned surfaces and smooth materials make the floors excellent sound and heat nonconductors. Besides, the floors are scratch-free and have granulated textures. Available in different colors, cork is mostly found in square-cuts and rectangular tiles.

Buying cork flooring substances online

When searching for cork planks, tiles or accessories, it is wise to go online and find relevant research options. Plenty of cork tiling vendors exists who offer complete installation services. At the time of exacting on these vendors’ services, consider the following factors:

-Get in touch with a factory-direct distributor specialized in cork tiling, cork flooring, underlayment and other related jobs. The advantage with factory-direct distributors is that they provide the best prices coupled with superb post-sales service.

-Try and assess if your chosen vendor knows the art of employing state-of-the-art technologies associated with cork floor finishing, maintenance and installation. With new technology use, one can be sure of getting nice finishing, reduced downtime and most importantly, true value for money.

-Always ensure if your exacted company is offering you superior-grade materials only. You must never compromise on finding products that have received health and conform to safety standards, without which things might take an ugly turn in the long run.
Online shopping for cork flooring products is relatively easy. There are no hassles of finding dealers and installers in the area. Instead, you can simply contact the same dealers and vendors by looking up the web. However, remember to check the product ranges and company service offers well in advance.
Looking for cork flooring products? We are distributors of quality products like cork floors tiles, underlayment and several others, procuring the same to clients.

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