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By: Zara Evansr
If you are a newcomer in the world of book review, then you might have lots of un-answered questions in mind. What to write? Which book to select? How to write? All these are common questions. Writing a literary analysis is not too easy and again not too difficult when you know the tricks. The two most important eligibility criteria are probably to have a good command over the language and to have a love for literature. The rest is practice and to learn about the steps of developing the write up.
Select a Good Title
A title is important for any article, irrespective of the type of content. When you decide on the title of the literary review, try to give importance to the characteristic of the book. Every literature is built upon a concept. In your title, you should depict the main concept of the book, so that the title presents a clear idea about the book as well as about the review.
Avoid Writing in First or Second Person
Book reviews are generally prepared as a thesis or research paper on the respective books. It is not any personal experience or a fiction, where you can use words like “I” or “you”. Always remember that here the main topic of discussion is about the book or about the literary content, which should be depicted in third person.
Use Present Tense
Your selection of literature might be classic or contemporary, the subject matter might depict past days or present or even future – but you should always stick to present tense while writing the literary review. This is because when you write in present tense, the readers can feel more comfortable with the time. Relating to past or future is more difficult than being into the present. Also it helps in your flow of writing, without going into much complicated verb form of past or future.
Take Care of the Language
Since it is going to be a literary analysis, readers will have much expectation from you as far as the writing language is concerned. Never forget that a book review is also a type of literature, where you can expose your knowledge and love for the language. Use beautiful words with nice meaning and try to offer a flavour of literature through your writing. Also, don’t make it too complicated by using completely unknown vocabulary.
Use References
If it is a classic literature, then you can expect to find out many more review articles on the same. To enrich a write-up with more valuable information, you can refer to other book reviews as well. However, one should always give credit to other reviewers, whose works you are referring to. You can also prepare a bibliography at the end of your report, to list out all the reference literatures.
Follow the above tricks to make your first attempt of book review, a really simple and enjoyable one. Also try to review at least 2-3 literary items consecutively to begin with, so that you have some practice and also gain confidence on the task.

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