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By: Gordon R Santo
Men suffering from the problem of quick ejaculation avoid getting physical with their partner because it causes dissatisfaction to both the partners. In some cases, the poor functioning of impulses in body is seen as the cell bodies of neuron are affected. In allopathic system of medicines antidepressants and medicines are given to control ejaculation but there are side effects of such medicines. Natural method to cure quick ejaculation in men involves taking a set of herbs that can revive normalcy in functioning of male reproductive organs.

The erectile tissues in the male organ are controlled by the responses of blood and blood circulations play a major role in regulating the functioning of these organs. In ayurveda it is believe that trapped heat can be a major cause for poor functioning of body organs. The excess heat in body can make a person react strongly to stress and get violent over minor issues. The level of anxiety and the problem of hyper stimulation are common in such individuals. To control it, it is recommended to reduce stress. Stop thinking about it when in action and further to strengthen the tissues natural method to cure quick ejaculation in men as provided by Lawax capsules can be taken.

It is believed that when the nerves are weak the control over organs reduces and the cause for such condition are -
1. Genetic diseases (Sometimes the problem is hereditary where the person suffers from weak autonomous functions).
2. Metabolic disorders (Endocrine imbalance or metabolic disorders can reduce control over reproductive organs causing the problem). These conditions include -
a. Hypothyroidism
b. Liver failure
c. Chronic renal failure
d. Diabetes
3. Exposure to toxicity is another major cause for poor functioning of nerves and it can be caused by intake of medicines, exposure to organic metals, and excess intake of supplements of synthetic vitamins.
4. Inflammatory diseases - Inflammatory diseases also reduce efficiency of body organs.
5. Vitamin deficiencies - The deficiencies of vitamin A, B12, E and B1 can affect the functioning of brain and nervous cells.
6. Chemotherapy and exposure to radiation.

Lawax capsules works in the following manner to bring improvement in the condition -
1. It tones the liver - Poor metabolism and malfunctioning of liver is the major cause for increased level of toxins in body and herbs in the capsule improve the liver's power to remove toxins from the body and improve absorption of minerals in the body.
2. Reduce congestion in blood circulation - The herbs in the capsule improve the circulation and reduce blockages caused by various reasons. This increases blood flow and peripheral circulation.
3. Strengthens the nervous system - The excess heat that affects the functioning of central nervous system, requires to be cooled down to normalize its functioning and to increases control.

Natural method to cure quick ejaculation in men improves the working of adrenals and reduces stress that causes imbalances in body. It also reduces chronic inflammation and pain caused by poor muscle functioning. Natural method to cure quick ejaculation in men improves control to help in getting more satisfaction from love relations.

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