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By: amanda tom
Come rain or shine, healthcare and allied services will never see a recession as there is always a need to visit a doctor or get some routine checkups done just to be sure that everything is running the right way. Hence, there is no dearth of medical jobs for the candidates with the right qualifications and experience. All you need to do is to search in the right direction so that you are able to get in touch with the employers who will be able to offer you a suitable position. Starting from doctor office jobs to different kinds of front office positions, there are a number of vacancies that are waiting to be filled provided you know how to search it right.

Different kinds of doctor office jobs

Front office receptionists: This is one of the most popular medical jobs for those who have undergone proper training to handle the front desk. The patients who wish to meet the doctor or get an appointment from them will talk to the receptionist first and then they will be guided to the concerned department. It is required that they have a pleasant personality and are fluent in the local language as well as English so that they are able to communicate properly with the patients and their family members.

Back office medical jobs: If you are looking for jobs that deal with the accounts and cash transactions, then doctor office jobs also have similar positions open for the suitable candidates --For instance billing and coding which include maintaining a record of the encounters between the doctor and patients. Keeping the documentation ready for future references by the doctor or the insurance company is also part of the back office assistant’s job. A person in charge of billing is required to be aware of the medical codes used.

Assistants: A doctor’s office will need two types of assistants – firstly those who will assist the doctor and help them in seeing the patients by taking a look at their prescriptions, suggesting medications and keeping them ready for the doctors. Though this doesn’t require a doctorate degree a master’s level qualification experience in assisting is an added advantage. The second type of assistants are called medical assistants who are responsible for recording the vital signs, collecting blood samples for tests, administering medications and similar activities. This kind of doctor office jobs is a great stepping stone if you have the basic degree and wish to continue to nursing as a profession.

Floor Managers: As the name signifies, the role of managers is to take care of the entire proceedings in the doctor’s office and see to it that business is carried on smoothly. It is not mandatory for a medical office manager to have a clinical background. They may be from a managerial background as well as with a degree in the healthcare sector. Medical jobs of this kind are a great way to get started in this field even without experience in clinical examinations.

Thus, it is clear from the above discussion that there are various kinds of doctor office jobs that are available for professionals with suitable qualifications and knack for the job. Medical jobs with or without clinical background have become an excellent way to start a prosperous career in healthcare sector.
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