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By: jamesfranco
Cellucor Alpha Amino is the result of a focused research to make an Amino Acid supplement which fulfills all the requirements of athletes. When athletes use a supplement, they look for results, safety, convenience, quick absorption an ease of use. Alpha Amino fulfills all these important requirements and then delivers something more.
• Available in 5 tasteful flavors
• Can be consumed all day
• Formulation provides effective hydration
• Contains natural ingredients like Chia seeds and Coconut Concentrate
• Has the power of 3X Leucine
• Free of stimulants and sugar

The key to strong and ripped muscles remains with stamina and endurance. The very act of muscle development happens with continuous hours of physical exercises, but if an athlete lacks stamina, having big and strong muscles is just not possible. Moreover, endurance makes the body strong enough to withstand the rigors of bodybuilding without breaking down or getting sick. Leucine, Leucine Peptides, and Leucine Nitrate work towards reducing the protein breakdown, developing skeletal muscles, and storing muscle glycogen. The formulation provides anytime, anywhere ease of consumption.
Hydration: With its excellent hydration qualities, Cellucor Alpha Amino fulfills a very vital requirement for athletes — it keeps the body hydrated. Raw Coconut Concentrate and Chia Seed Extract go into boosting its hydration capabilities. Raw Coconut provides electrolytes and Minerals, and Chia extracts provide fiber, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. A dehydrated body is a sure-shot invitation to serious medical problems. While working out, athletes put huge strain on their bodies; therefore, it is essential for the body organs as well as the muscles to remain hydrated and supply. Cramps, torn muscles, fatigue, and muscle breakdown can be effectively prevented with proper hydration.
Recovery: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Cellucor Alpha Amino gives you the power to rise and recover every time fatigue and soreness confront you. Stored within endless hours of workout is the real push for reinforced muscles. When you recover and then strive, the scope of your muscle building further increases, and the stamina of your body further improves. Alpha-Amino's contains 5g of instantized BCAAs and Glutamine from the pack of 11 complementary Amino Acids. These ingredients provide the power of sustained energy and strength.
Available flavors:
Cellucor Alpha Amino is available in 5 different flavors:
• Fruit Punch
• Grape
• Blue Raspberry
• Green Apple
• Water melon
The tasteful flavors make it very easy to consume and get benefitted from the formula.

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