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By: amanda tom
The perfume market in the USA slowed down last year due to lower demands. However, the sales figures of perfumes online have seen a surge. This could be due to many reasons, the primary one among them being cost. Online stores offering wholesale fragrances have seen their customer base grow over the past three to four years. The concept of discount perfume online seems to have hit the right chord with the shoppers.

In the USA, 83% of women use perfumes. This is not a small figure at all. Because of the high number of American women wearing perfumes, the annual revenue in the country is well in excess of $5 billion. While I don’t have the exact stats for the sales figures of online perfume stores, I know for sure that the online perfume market still has to go a long way to catch up with retail stores. The sellers of discount perfume online are doing their bit to shorten the gap and they have been successful to quite an extent.

When I mention wholesale fragrances, I don’t mean cheap perfumes. Online stores that sell perfumes at wholesale prices offer the best brands available in the market. In 2010, there were close to 1,200 different brands of perfumes being sold in the USA and by now, the number would have gone up significantly. All these perfumes are now available in the online stores and some of these stores offer these perfumes at amazingly low prices.

There is one reason why discount perfume online stores are able to do brisk business. Most women know what perfume they like to wear. In fact, most women use one or two perfume brands and they don’t move away from them. There are women that love to try out new perfumes and most of these women prefer to shop from retail stores where they can try out perfumes. But some of these women also know about the notes and this is why they don’t mind shopping online. And when they are able to get wholesale fragrances online, why wouldn’t they shop from perfume websites?

How the discount perfume online stores are able to offer wholesale fragrances depends on their business model. Some of them are able to procure the perfumes directly from the manufacturers and thus, they are able to cut down on the margins. Some of them also cut their own profit margins and sell in large numbers. And since these stores don’t have large overhead costs, they can afford to sell at lower prices. However, in the midst of all these online stores are those that sell fake perfumes. You need to be aware of such stores. Before you buy perfumes online, make sure you read about the store. You don’t want to pay money for something that is not authentic.

Wholesale fragrances can easily lower your budget for perfumes. You just need to be careful about where you shop from. Choose a reliable discount perfume online store for the best shopping experience.
Buy wholesale fragrances from a discount perfume online store to save money.

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