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By: amanda tom
The field of engineering has made raid progress over time. So much has happened in so little a time that the world marvels at it. With modern tools and equipments at the disposal of commoners, daily living has attained a new dimension altogether. Besides the complex machines, technological boom also falls in the purview of computer engineering skills. To talk about the range of machines that are meant for construction purposes for earthworks, there are fog cannon, loading spout and several other engineering products that are high in demand for on-site job requirements. For the benefit of machinery operators at the time of their job, the cannons in particular are of immense benefit.

Also called fan guns, suppression cannons, dust fighters, emission control units and so on, fog cannon is basically designed to control dust. Now this is known to everybody how dust can actually pose serious health threats that bring one to think of effective measures in minimizing it. At the time of working, dust, debris and other flying particles have a tendency to form a typical cloud of dirt around the site. Air pollution is rampant and steps in doing away with it are logical. This dirt cloud is extremely irritating and also perilous for drivers as they are most prone to inhale the noxious air or suffer from acute vision limitation. Site clearing have now become fairly easy with this wonder machinery.

It contains an axial fan, the rotary frame that enables oscillation from 0 degree 350 degrees, a set of mist jet nozzles, the pump, water filter unit and control box. It completely depends upon the user whether he or she is keen to supply units with or without trailers. In general, most service providers use two types of cannons, one that has coverage of 30 meters and the other with a range of 50 meters or so. Many with a working site spanning excessive width prefer using both the cannons in tandem for effective spray. The fact is this mist range can only prove its efficacy with two factors plating optimum roles; one being the direction and the other, force of the wind.

There are several advantages that can be had with this machine:

Firstly, the only thing it uses is water to turn it into a fine mist. The strong air flow is generated with the help of a powerful van.

Secondly, the fog cannon is capable of covering a wider area. If not the first type, there is always the benefit of choosing the second. If both fail, then it is recommended to use the two together. Thus, it helps people employed in the constriction and processing industries to use the machines to their fullest capacities.

Thirdly, all the machines come with a proper warranty period. There is a separate manual meant for users who can follow guidelines and use the tool effectively.

From cannon to loading spout, dust collectors to almost all products of dust suppression systems, industries pertaining to coal handling, power, waste transfer and many others fall back on these machineries for their use.
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