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By: amanda tom
Few people really pay attention to the area in their event planning where chairs are concerned. The reality is that the chair plays an important role as this is where your guests will spend most of their time while attending your event. Chair rentals are big business and you need to plan your event properly, especially when it comes to seating. There are a plethora of chairs available on the market so you need to choose the right chair for the right event. Are you going to rent plastic chairs for a wedding or padded high back chairs for a children’s party? In this way, all factors need to be taken into consideration.

By researching on some of the most popular chair rentals on the market, you will be armed with information that will assist with your event planning and ensure it fits the theme. Aesthetics does indeed make a difference at any event, especially if they are formal. The most popular choice at formal events is banquet chairs. This is typically those chairs with padded seats and back which you sit on at a conference X. They do come in different styles and padding options. Do try them out first as some are padded with sponge and others with foam, some thin padding and others thick padding.

If you plan to have an outdoor party or event, the padded folding chair will be a better option in your event planning. After the formalities have been concluded, this chairs folds away easily to increase your space. They are available in a variety of colors for chair rentals options and work extremely well in a rustic environment. Although they definitely do not fit in any upscale event, but these are perfect in a picturesque backyard atmosphere where most guests will be on their feet afterwards in any case. Then there are chameleon chairs which are sleek and sexy with padded cushion, patterned high back and sprayed in formal colors.
The chair every bride yearns for when event planning takes place with her wedding planner is of course the sexy and sleek Chiavari chairs. They are available in many colors and different padding options. The wood high back shouts elegance and these chairs fit perfectly at a traditional stylish wedding with all the goodies. Coupled with these chairs is the Versailles chair rental option, also called the opera chair. They are not completely as stylish as the Chiavari, but its chic and contemporary design is soft on the eye and makes it perfect for weddings and very formal banquets.

Ghost chair is a coveted chair for use at mid-range weddings and a popular choice from a budget point of view. They are usually plastic and chair rentals of these chairs are extremely common. Chair covers to enhance the aesthetic quality of these chairs make them popular to fit into themes. These covers come in different quality material from spandex to cotton. Covers assist in your event planning as they can be adjusted to fit the theme. Then, last but not least is the plain old white plastic Bistro chair that needs no introduction. Perfect for children’s parties, this faithful chair easily withstands little monsters attacking it.
There are several aspects to event planning , one of the most important being renting appropriate furniture for the event. Because table and chair rentals vary as per the event in question, they need to be handled with plenty of knowledge and information back-up.

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