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By: amanda tom
Six sigma – this is a term you will often come across in various professional sectors. Conceived in 1986, this methodology has indeed created quite a stir in the professional world. Motorola came up with the concept to improve its business processes and now the entire world uses it. Every year, thousands of working professionals get their six sigma certification and they contribute toward process improvements. And there are those handfuls that get the opportunity of six sigma black belt training and certification.

There are different levels of six sigma certification available for working professionals. Every level is known as a belt, a name that has been borrowed from martial arts. It all starts with the white belt and as one progresses up the six sigma ladder, they get their yellow belt, green belt and black belt. The ultimate performer in the six sigma parlance is obviously a master black belt. However, in terms of certification, a black belt is at the top of the pyramid. When a black belt gathers an experience of two years, they are known as a master black belt.

When someone gets a six sigma certification, they are supposed to perform certain defined tasks. For instance, a white belt’s job is to gather data for the process that needs to be improved. The yellow belt’s primary job is to analyze the data and compile reports from the data. This is then presented to the green and the black belts. The job of a green belt is to lead a project team but this person works under a black belt. Both the green and the black belts need to know about six sigma methodologies and processes in and out and they need to ensure that the process improvement happens in the defined manner. A black belt is, however, a more senior member of the organization.

For someone to be nominated for six sigma black belt training and certification, they need to have the required work experience. In most of the cases, one of the most senior members of the organization is chosen for the six sigma black belt training and certification. This is purely from the financial and decision making perspective. When a six sigma project is run, it requires infusion of money. The results show, but only after a project has been successfully executed. There are many instances where management decision making is required and required fast. This is where a senior member of an organization can help. They can either make the decision on their own or have the senior management team make the decision fast.

Any organization that requires process improvement has to implement six sigma. Six sigma is based on hard data and there is no guesswork involved here. This is why it is important that someone has the six sigma certification to take a process to conclusion. And we have already mentioned why a senior member is chosen for six sigma black belt training and certification. It is all very simple to see.
Six sigma certification can be for different levels. For someone to manage six sigma in your organization, you should arrange for their six sigma black belt training and certification .

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