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By: celtone
"Final Dream 14" national service first analyze today 14:00 formally start, you get the first analyze initial AO Zeya gamers can get into the beginning of a wonderful experience extreme. Because this analyze is technical examining, mainly for the purpose of verification server features and activity balance. In the course of the analyze, we will progressively arrived on the experience, the daily operation of a variety of situations, such as server load examining, then the experience may appear difficult getting, supports variations and web servers emergency maintenance and other matters, we will all known issues and solutions aggregated, real-time up-dates, welcome outdoorsmen examination.

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Into the game

1, Win7, Win8, under Windows vista, if the experience is set up in the os generate correspondence, then you have designed positions when the part of preservation, activity tips can not make positions set the database, making it impossible to get into the experience.

Icon on the desktop computer to begin the experience, or the experience installation listing on the FFXIVBOOT.exe Right simply simply select the symbol and select: run with manager rights, you can preserve the component and into the experience.

2, after setting up the consumer first just click to begin the experience, the bottom right corner of the display black display associated with continuing to read.

Players set up the consumer flows the starting computer animation is not regular cause, you can use Note pad to open: Last Dream XIV \ activity \ My Games \ FINAL FANTASY XIV - A World Born-again \ FFXIV.cfg, search CutsceneMovieOpening 0, 0 is customized to 1 Save the file, and then reboot the experience. This technique is a short-term solution, the next analyze edition will be modified to improve.

Start the game

1 After coming into the password can not begin the consumer

Please make sure to set up the design driver and DX9.0c

Creating a Role

1, when you make a part name, you can not get into British figures directly. China feedback must simply select the "shift" key to get into only in British, but the first correspondence lowercase personality can not be a team or encourage friends and a sequence of flaws in the experience.

Players are advised to use the China personality name activity

2, part of the China personality feedback technique name may appear in the part name has been joined simply select the OK key is not the case.

At this point the part named in green, press the space bar after the part name can simply simply select the OK key to validate.

Gaming experience

1, re-install or substitute customer after the computer has been designed to preserve the part, skills quick way bar and package list information can not be arranged.

Please re-install the consumer before the gamers in the back-up customer set up activity listing \ my activity directory to another generate or directory.


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