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By: amanda tom
The need for search engine optimisation cannot be emphasised enough. There can be no better way to garner the interest of your target audience than by advertising or marketing your business on the internet. This is one medium that has pervaded through society in all parts of the world among the young and the old alike, irrespective of the gender. Experts specialising in this domain are kept busy all round the year, considering that there are newer websites foraying online to join the thousands already present. Each of these companies offers a number of packages and chalk out various strategies for businesses based on their nature of business and other aspects, including their budget. The recipe for success lies in chalking the right SEO strategy which only companies with experience can do.

A successful SEO strategy is one that starts off with onsite optimisation. A strategy that does not include this service is worthless since it may not generate the required results. Onsite optimisation is akin to the foundation laid before raising a house. This particular process ensures the website conforms to the regulations laid down by the search engines so it becomes easy to recognise and index them. Spending months, and hundreds of dollars, on offsite optimisation when the websites itself has flaws that have not been identified and rectified, is a futile effort. Onsite optimisation focuses on evaluating every element on every page of the website to make sure they adhere to the search engines’ principles. Any element that does not conform to the stipulated norms are either removed or redone before moving on to offsite optimisation.

The next element of a successful SEO strategy is keyword research and analysis. The choice of keywords has been greatly affected after the implementation of the Hummingbird update from Google. Search engine optimisation companies have always given prominence to short tail keywords that are highly competitive and neglected the long tail ones that can actually create an impact on the business. The Hummingbird update was brought into implementation to enforce this aspect so the internet users can also be provided with results that they can make use of.
Copywriting is another element that forms an integral part of a successful SEO strategy. This particular service has become essential after the implementation of the Panda update that ruthlessly penalised websites with poor quality content. Websites that were pushed down the ranks after this update had to re-evaluate not only the content on their site, but also the sources that were bringing incoming links. In order to eliminate this problem completely, search engine optimisation experts offer this service as a part of their package. The keywords chosen are woven into meaningful content that provides value to the end user as well as the business.

Organic link building is also integral to any successful SEO strategy. Generating links is not as easy as it was a few years ago. The Penguin update put an end to the use of spam sites to generate mass links. Today, only links from authority sites, blogs and other credible sources can make a difference.
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