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By: amanda tom
Updating your collection of cosmetics with season is a mark of being a passionate fashion police. Though most women go by trends and not seasons, whichever way, there’s always a good reason to add to your range of nail colours. If you read fashion magazines off and on, you hop by a cosmetic store, you’d know that designer nail polish is in vogue. Here are some of the best designer nail polish that might wow you into buying them. This coming fall, you might need to save up some extra for some of these unique nail colors, aside the usual weight loss products.

If you find yourself nolonger into mute shades and striking neons, its time to strike a balance this approaching autumn. The best designer nail polish for this season is the jewel tone. Metallics is in fashion these days, and added to them are the top fancy glitter coats that create diverse kinds of effects. As long as you can make a remarkable pick of options and pull them together well, you can go free into choosing as you like. Some older shades, which, like weight loss products, are never out of fashion, oxblood, eggplant and wine, to name a few. Grey is the color of this season, as inspired from the 50 Shades of Grey. Gray, in all its shades of dark, light, subtle, rusty, glittery, etc. are embraced by the ladies.

Other natural shades like earthy shimmers, rust, and natural colors also make a part of the chart. However, steer clear of neon and pastel shades as they are the colors of the past. Chanel launched its signature nail color some years back which was a light shade of grey. That has marked the official entry of the color in the nail polish section. Red is also another color that is stark this season. The gleaming metal collection is what you need to awaken the night. Add to that a bit of glitter and glamour in the form of nail art. You can use sparkles or glitter particles to simply sprinkle over to make it look dazzling. Nail polishes are now available in gel and polish forms, which have different lasting times. If you’re looking for the best designer nail polish that you can wear as a base coat, then go for the lgith peach color. Its smooth and the color adheres to the nail for longer. Besides, the shade does not stand a chance of discoloration, and pretty sheer finish leaves for a lot of creativity show in darker shades.

Color green, yellow and pink in luminous shades are good for the season, since autumn is still in the state of approaching. If you’re more inclined towards the darker shades, pick anything between violet to coral, depending on your complexion, in order to catch eyes as you sweep your nimble fingers across your face. The shades go well with almost all dark and light shades of clothing. Wondering which store stocks the best designer nail polish products online? Visit us to find weight loss products of the most effective kind along with other beauty products.

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