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By: mariyyasharapova
Making a website public and such that each and every person in the world is able to view the website is a basic requirement. The advancement or popularity of any business website is directly dependent on the type of web hosting, for that it provides all the tools that are necessary such as software, bandwidth, space etc.
As said web hosting is a way of making websites approachable as well as also provides an atmosphere for creating them. An individual can create two types of websites-
Business website
Personal website
In both the cases a domain name will be required to be selected with which it will be publically reckoned all over the world. On a main computer known as server all the websites domain names are stored, any person requesting for the access to a specific website will be transferred from the server to the person’s computer. There are different types of web hosting based on different parameters such as Business and personal hosting, paid and free hosting, LINUX and windows hosting etc. differences between business and personal are as given below-:
1) Business web hosting-
 Needs large budget
 Includes sites like online store, e-commerce etc.
 Need to purchase a host which provides large space
 Needs large bandwidth.
2) Personal web hosting-
 It is cheaper so needs small budget.
 Includes personal accounts and blogs.
 Needs less space and bandwidth.
 It can be using free web hosting and need not be purchased.
The various free and paid web hosting are as given below-
1) Paid web hosting- It includes all those given below-:
a) Shared web hosting- It basically includes all the websites sharing the same resources being provided. It is used as cheap web hosting provider.
b) VPS web hosting- VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In it the resources are not shared, but are privately provided to users which are not shared by others. The CPU time and memory are divided among various users.
c) Dedicated hosting- There is no kind of sharing and each user is provided a separate set of resources. Maintaining the resources is up to the user.
d) Unlimited Reseller hosting- it is an optimum way for people having number of websites. One need not take care of the maintenance of the server. It is cheaper than shared web hosting whereas providing better facilities. One can also sell the web hosting. Moreover is provided unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
2) Free web hosting- It is mainly used for creating personal websites. As compared to paid ones-
They provide less resource i.e. less space and bandwidth.
They will be supporting advertisements.
Except all these the best regarded is $1 hosting. It also lies under the category of paid web hosting, but at cheaper rates than others. It can be regarded as cheap as 1 dollar hosting per month. Its features remain the same. Its websites are compatible with LINUX or windows hosting as well. Thus, it is the best option from all others in terms of quality, service, rates, bandwidth and software. In order to grab full information, one can directly visit to-

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