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By: amanda tom
Where there is network there is bound to be network-related problems as well and the most common of all problems are about the security of network infrastructure. Talking about security issues, take for instance the attacks on a target network such as the ddos or Distributed Denial of Service attack wherein a number of systems which have been compromised of their security by a virus, attack a single target and ultimately force it to shut down. In face of such vulnerable situation it is important that you protect you enterprise network which a security system that has years of trusted service behind them in the field like Juniper. The products and services offered by this organization ensure that your network is well protected from all the possible hindrances.

What is ddos?
It stands for distributed denial of service and this is a common fear factor for enterprise network managers. What happens is a number of systems are first hacked with a virus and once their security is compromised, the target system is attacked with a multitude of messages which cannot be controlled at the user’s end. This finally results in the system to shut down and the user is unable to access the network.

Usually what happens in a ddos attack is that the attacker starts by taking advantage of the security vulnerability of a particular system and uses that to get inside the other systems. There can be two possible kinds of attacks. It may be an attack targeted towards a particular network and the second type of attack takes place targeted on a particular application. In the first instance the target of the attack is a network and in the second instance the target of the attack is an application wherein the database or service is overloaded with application calls. This flood of messages causes the denial of service. In a typical ddos attack the computer which comes under the control of the attacker is known as a bot.

Role of Juniper
So, how do you ensure that your network or the computers that are a part of the enterprise network are not left vulnerable to attacks of an intruder and cause a massive ddos? Products and services from Juniper are in demand for being one of the most dependable IT products as they are well aware of the issues that can arise and design their products accordingly. They offer a host of products related to routing, switching, firewall and security and wireless. In case their clients are in need of consultation with respect to IT infrastructure, Juniper offers the same as well. As such they have become one of the most trusted names in the industry owing to their quality of services.

One of the most important requirements of designing a secure network is proper planning and foresight. When you are aware of the presence of malware like ddos it is important that you create efficient system protection with the help of products and services of Juniper so that your network is capable of handling such issues without any hindrances in your work schedule.
A Juniper product is a good way of tackling network security issues like ddos .

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