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By: Colin Armstrong
At IKRUSH, we love shoes; high heels, sandals, sneakers – we adore them all. However, we would be lying if we said that we did not have an extra special soft spot for one particular type of shoe: wedges.

Wedges – whether they are cheap platform wedges or expensive designer wedges – are a girl’s best friend and here are 10 awesome reasons why.

1. They are Comfortable – Stiletto heels are great and there are times that we would happily recommend them over a pair of wedges, but when it comes to comfort, there is really only one winner. Wedges are every bit as comfortable as flats and a whole lot sexier.

2. They are Suitable for all Occasions – Not all women’s footwear works for all occasions. High heel stilettos are not suited to casual daytime events, while sneakers will not go down well at a wedding. Wedges, on the other hand, work wherever and whenever.

3. They Make you Taller – If you are lacking in natural height, rocking a pair of platform wedges will transform your look, elongating the calf and making you appear tall, slim and elegant.

4. They Go with Anything – Jeans, jeggings, leggings, dresses – wedges go with absolutely anything.

5. There are Plenty to Choose From – Wedges come in a plethora of designs and patterns with options to suit anyone’s tastes. Check out the IKRUSH collection to see what we mean.

6. They are Affordable – Despite having more material than high heels, wedges tend to cost less. You can pick up a pair of cheap platform wedges from IKRUSH for less than 15 Pound – much cheaper than those other famous girl’s best friends!

7. You Can Wear Them in Winter – Wedges are not just for spring/summer; you can wear them in any season. Just remember to wear tights if it’s cold!

8. They Make a Statement – If you’re trying to impress, wedges are a great way to get heads turning and jaws dropping. Men will generally not notice your dress, but you can bet they will notice your statement shoes.

9. They are Durable – while wedges do wear over time, they are much more durable than heels and do not suffer the same scratched and scuffed toes and heels that can ruin shoes after just one heavy night out.

10. They are Always On-Trend – Shoe trends come and go, but wedges always remain stylish. It is probably something to do with the nine reasons listed above! is an online fashion retailer offering on-trend, affordable women’s footwear, clothing, and accessories. The company is based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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