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By: Adeel Qureshi
Businesses and companies want to avoid spending the tons of money they do each year on phone bills. While talking to customers and clients is necessary, reducing the cost of calls which can be quite an amount if one is making international calls, has been a constant headache for businesses. Thankfully, the solution seems in sight.

Introduction of cloud based technology and VoIP

You can make free international calls using VoIP and cheap international calls are a reality. VoIP calling is helping small business to get back on track. There is no need to pay hefty phone bills today. You can make free international calls through using VoIP. By making VoIP calls, international calling will be a lot cheaper. What’s more, it is way easier to handle and talk to customers and clients through the use of VoIP as well. The reason is simple. VoIP calling offers a myriad number of advantages over the traditional form of calling. Is it talking to many customers at ones which you could not do if you had a traditional phone line or making the right noises when it comes to sealing the deal, VoIP solutions can be quite handy today?

VoIP services cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses, even small scale businesses. But, how is it, is the question? This questioned can be answered under the following heads:

1. Mammoth number of calls: VoIP calling allows a large number of calls to be answered at the same time which small businesses can’t do otherwise. If they want to do so, they will have to set up a call center which is needless to say a very expensive affair. Research shows that almost 70% of callers hang up when they hear the voice mail and most of these callers are potential customers.

2. Customer satisfaction and Professionalism: When all calls to your company are answered by you in a professional manner, more number of customers is satisfied.

3. No holiday: Be it Easter, Sunday or Christmas, your customers will have uninterrupted access to service. They can place orders, make complaints at any point of the day at any point of the year. There will be no lunch break or loo break. 24x7x365 support availability to the customers.

4. Cost efficient: Imagine small businesses setting up departments to provide call center like facilities. They will have to train people, buy, maintain and update the necessary hardware and software. This is a very expensive affair and VoIP calling provide a shortcut to all such problems.

5. Disaster recovery: Even if traditional phone wire lines are broken or maintenance work is going on or be it any problem, there is always a backup in through VoIP calling.

Make VoIP calls and drive in more profits!

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