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By: amanda tom
Chabahar is one of the main cities in Iran and has a significant role to play in terms of trade in this west Asian country. This city that serves as a capital of the Baluchistan is also home to one of the main ports in the country and is considered the hub of trade in this region. This city has been declared as the Free Trade and Industrial Zone by the government of Iran, which has attracted local and international investors alike to set up new businesses to cater to the growing demand of the people for various products. Its status as a ‘free trade zone’ has made it sought after on the international trade circuit. Most of the people seeking the services of an Iran business consultancy request for insight into the business opportunities that exist in this region.

One of the Chabahar business opportunities that are worth exploiting is that of import. Every year this country imports millions of tons of goods under various categories to cater to its rising popularity. Among all the prominent cities in Iran, this city is considered the best by almost every Iran business consultancy for setting up an import business because of its strong transportation network. The port located in this city provides easy access to the leading import partners of this country, namely the United Arab Emirates, China, Turkey and South Korea. All these countries also opine that this city is the best in terms of accessibility and proximity along the Indian Ocean trade route.
Investors and entrepreneurs keen on setting up and exports business are also recommended Chabahar by the Iran business consultancy. This city has great connectivity locally as well as internationally by water, land and air. The port in this region, at any given point of time, has millions of tons of products in its warehouse that are either ready to be shipped or waiting for clearance from customs to be transported to various parts of the country. The main goods that are exported by this country are carpets, oil and natural gas, petroleum and petroleum based products, in addition to chemicals. The important export partners of this country, namely China, India, Turkey, South Korea and Japan also prefer to trade from this port. The bright prospects make export of goods one of the Chabahar business opportunities worth exploring.

Construction is also one of the Chabahar business opportunities that are worth exploring. As the city is gaining repute as the major region for trade in Iran, the need for commercial and residential buildings is also on the rise. In fact, almost every Iran business consultancy opines that this is the right time to explore the construction possibilities in this region since it is fast becoming the hotspot for real estate. If you are worried about finding the prime location, purchasing land and raising the building successfully, you can put your fears to rest. Finding the right business consultants in this region and entrusting the task to them and drive you towards growth and profits without excessive stress.Do you want to explore the Chabahar business opportunities? Please visit our website and avail the services of a leading Iran business consultancy .

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