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By: amanda tom
With Iran fast becoming one of the major trade points in Western Asia, the country is witnessing an increase in business opportunities. An increase number of investors from various parts of the world are keen on setting up an export or import business in this region to make good profits. However, setting up a successful import and export company in this region is easier said than done. The choice of the Chabahar freight forwarder, to a great extent, determines the success or failure of your business. There is no dearth of operators who claim proficiency in the field of freight forwarding, but how many of them can actually deliver? The answer is ‘not many’. Hence there are a few things that you need consider while choosing a freight forwarder in Bandar Abbas or Chabahar.

The first factor to look into while selecting a Chabahar freight forwarder is their experience in this field. Understanding the nuances of transporting huge volumes of goods from one place to the other, either in the domestic circuit or along international routes, is not an easy task. Leading freight forwarders in this region will acknowledge that they have gained good repute among their peers because of their extensive experience. Choosing such a freight forwarder in Bandar Abbas or Chabahar will benefit you business greatly since they can guide you at every step.

The second aspect that you need to consider while hiring a Chabahar freight forwarder is their transportation network. It is important to learn about the various transit systems they use to either ship your products to other countries or bring in goods from other places into this country. A reputed and experienced freight forwarder in Bandar Abbas or Chabahar will always have a strong network that can transport goods by sea, air, rail or road. Having this kind of variety assures you that you can have any product shipped by them without the fear of delays in delivery or other concerns.

The third aspect that you need to consider while hiring a Chabahar freight forwarder is the pricing. It is important to be upfront and ask them about their costs, including custom brokerage and other fees. Find out if their cost will be all inclusive or for transportation only. Request them for the details of the freight handling charges, packaging and labelling charges and other fees and costs in advance so you have a clear idea of the pricing. Learn more about the payment options offered by the freight forwarder in Bandar Abbas and Chabahar and also about the intervals between which the payments have to be made so you are not in for any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Finally, once you have decided on the Chabahar freight forwarder you intend to opt for, make sure you draft a legal contract and get it signed. The freight forwarder in Bandar Abbas or Chabahar will be able to assist you with the legal formalities. Do not entrust any task to them until the contract has been agreed upon and signed by both parties.
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