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By: amanda tom
Hertfordshire is one of the safest counties in the country. Both the legal authorities and the residents and business owners should be congratulated for this. To keep the homes and properties safe some guidelines have been issued and making doors and windows burglar proof is one of them. The simplest way to achieve this would be to install Automatic doors Hertfordshire. Also, keeping the contact numbers of automatic door maintenance Hertfordshire handy will be useful as you can take their help in case of some malfunction or damage. Go through the tips to keep your property safe and secure and enjoy peace of mind.

1. Check the windows and doors of the ground floor to ensure that they are closed and locked properly when you leave the home or go to bed. Don’t ignore the upstairs windows and doors and fit them with automatic doors Hertfordshire because burglars attempt to break in through them when you leave the house for some time, during a short vacation or a weekend trip. If you have PVCU doors get automatic door maintenance Hertfordshire to check the handles and to ensure that all the security features are in place.

2. Never keep the car and house keys casually on the window sills, hallways, porches or kitchens. Secure your rear garden gates with automatic doors Hertfordshire and always lock them properly. If the gates or doors are automatically controlled for access whenever the burglars try to break in the alarms will go off attracting attention. Automatic door maintenance Hertfordshire companies can be asked to secure all your entrance with their automated systems.

3. PVCU and aluminium doors and windows should have multi-locking systems with automatic doors Hertfordshire. If you have wooden front doors make sure they are made of solid timber and put a British Standard 5-lever nortice lock one-third of the way up. An Automatic door maintenance Hertfordshire should be used to make the system foolproof. You can make them frames of the doors stronger by reinforcing metal bars inside wooden frames.

4. You should fit the windows with hinge bolts that open outward. Automatic doors Hertfordshire can be fitted to windows too to make them safe. Automatic door maintenance Hertfordshire experts should be contacted immediately to replace the broken glass, faulty locks or loose hinge joints. If you are shifting into a home that was occupied by other owners, you should change the locks immediately after shifting.

5. Consult Automatic doors Hertfordshire while you are going out for a holiday. There will be safety features that can be activated to deter burglars from intruding into your house. Automatic door maintenance Hertfordshire also provides alert system if someone tries to pass the access system when you are not present. Keep your neighbours informed of your trip and leave your contact details so that they can contact you in case of emergency. Also, keep the numbers of the automatic door access system provider’s number with you so that you can call them to take care of the situation before you can come back.
Automatic door maintenance Hertfordshire companies should be appointed for best performance of automatic doors Hertfordshire are experts to secure your property and ensure peace of mind.

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