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By: Colin Armstrong
As a woman, bags are second only to shoes in the items that we buy lots of but never use more than a few. Bags are not just useful accessories to store various essentials on a day trip or a night out; they can make or break an outfit. Bags, along with shoes, are the items that allow us to wear clothes on numerous occasions without the look ever becoming stale or boring, which is why we tend to buy them at every given opportunity.

However, amongst the piles of bags hidden under your bed and at the bottom of your wardrobe, did you know that there are only really three types that you need to own? That’s right; a woman only needs three bags - the rest you can do without. And here are the three that you need.

1. Clutch Bag

In a woman’s wardrobe, a clutch bag is every bit as important as a little black dress and the one item that will really make your outfit stand out. While a clutch bag must work on a practical level to store your phone, keys and lipstick, its real job is to complement your outfit and complete your look. is one website that really understands the importance of this bag type and offers a range of clutch bags that work effortlessly with dresses and high heels.

2. Handbag

If the clutch bag is the party animal of a bag collection, the handbag is its sensible sibling. This is the type of bag that you carry your life in – the daily essential for your daily essentials. Handbags must cater to your needs in terms of size and style and go with whatever outfit you decide to wear regardless of season.

3. Satchel

Completing the set of must-have bags is the satchel. You know that pair of cheap shoes that you own that never let you down in times of need and can be worn for hours on end without ever becoming uncomfortable? Well, a satchel is their bag equivalent. More spacious than a clutch bag and more practical than a handbag, a satchel is simply slung over your shoulder and lets you go about your business, handsfree. Don’t think for a second that greater space and practicality means less style either. The range of satchels at are fashion forward and on-trend for all seasons. is the home of celebrity-inspired female fashion. The website is dedicated to providing clutch bags, handbags, and satchels at affordable prices.

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