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By: amanda tom
When you read about stoves, no matter what the type is, you will find that they need to have sealed combustion chambers. Sealed combustion chambers ensure that the heat produced is better and this means less consumption of fuel. There are many components to ensure sealed combustion chambers. Among them are rope seals. And of course, you need that standard retardant glass for sealing the combustion chamber too.

Think of the combustion chamber as one room in which you are standing. If the room is totally sealed and you continue to be inside it a time will come when you find it hard to breathe. On the other hand, even if there is a small opening somewhere you will not have this issue. Moreover, you will be able to track the flow of air too. A stove combustion chamber needs to be totally sealed. When it is sealed the heat generated can be 80% more. For example, a closed combustion chamber can produce heat up to 600°C compared to an open chamber which can produce heat up to 240°C. Rope seals are wound around the doors and the retardant glass to totally seal the combustion chamber.

The most common rope seals are the ceramic seal ropes. These ropes are available in different sizes depending on the different stove types that are available in the market. Apart from the door and the glass rope seal can also be used to seal the stove panels and where the flue joins the stove. With these seal ropes in place the combustion chambers get sealed completely. These ropes, being made of ceramic, can withstand high temperatures and thus, they are completely safe to use.

As far as retardant glass is concerned, it is one of the most important elements of any stove. Today when most of the stoves have doors glass plays an important role. You can see the combustion chamber through the glass door. This can be aesthetically pleasing but more importantly you can see what is going on inside the chamber. The moment you see that the burning fuel is in short supply you can replenish the chamber.

Fire retardant glass can withstand high temperatures and this is why it is used in stoves. We’re talking about 600°C inside the stove and ordinary glass wouldn’t be able to withstand such high temperature. So important is this glass that many public areas including hospitals, offices and schools have such type of glass installed. If any fire breaks out the glass can control the fire for some time, giving the fire brigade enough time to get things under control. This glass is purely used from the safety perspective.

One cannot take any chance with safety when using stoves especially if we consider homes with kids. With important items like rope seals and retardant glass available easily there is no reason why one should take any chance with safety. You should ensure that the moment any of these two items need replacement you get it done.
Use rope seals and retardant glass and see how you save on fuel cost.

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