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By: Deepak Yadav

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The list of movies are:

1. Emperor: This American-Japanese post-World War II flick features General Douglas MacArthur investigating the role of Emperor Hirohito in World War II. It all comes down to the decision of General Douglas. It’s a history drama that surely makes you experience the terror of war in 1945. Tommy Lee Jones plays the role of General Douglas.

2. G.I. Joe Retaliation: It’s a sci-fi action flick that is based on Hasbro’s G.I. Joe. The G.I. Joes are framed as traitors by Zartan. Zartan is impersonating as the President of United States. So, they are not only fighting their regular enemy, Cobra but also facing threats from within. Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson indeed up the enthusiasm.

3. Vehicle 19: ‘He picked the wrong car. They picked the wrong guy.’ The movie is an action thriller about a guy (played by Paul Walker) who unknowingly picks a rental car that somehow links him to a web of corrupt local police.

4. Priest: It’s an action fantasy horror where a priest disobeys the church in order to track down a vampire who has kidnapped his niece. It’s loosely based on the Korean comic of the same name. It would be a shame to miss Paul Bettany as the ‘Priest’ here.

5. Faster: The presence of Dwayne Johnson makes it a must-watch flick. This action drama is about an ex-con who’s seeking a revenge for his brother’s death. The amazing action stunt is the plus point of it.

6. Hanna: The story about a sixteen year old year, a perfect assassin, who is dispatched on a mission across Europe. This action thriller contains many prominent fairy tale elements. Joe Wright has beautifully directed the whole movie. A must-watch, certainly.

7. Looper: A sci-fi flick that takes you to the year 2074. The plot of the movie is when in year 2074 whenever the mob wants to get rid of someone they would send him to the past where a hired gun awaits. Bruce Willis is portrayed in his usual famous hard-edged character.

8. Cloverfield: It’s a sci-fi monster film. It talks about the monster attack in New York. The story is conveyed from the point of view of a group of people. The movie gives a little spooky feel that makes it more interesting to watch.

9. Pawn Shop Chronicles: ‘Pawn Shop Chronicles’ portrays three overlapping stories that involve meth addicted people in a said pawn shop. It’s a crime-comedy that any action lover or comedy lover will enjoy.

Author Bio: Deepak Yadav is an avid reader and a passionate movie junkie. Classics to the latest hits, Deepak gives you an honest peek into the enthralling world of movies. Join him on a ferry ride to the fantasy land of english Movies and more. To know more, visit: url -

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