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By: amanda tom
Do you want to take your business or professional career to the next level? You should consider six sigma green belt certification that can help a business improve its performance and profitability through improvement in process efficiency and the elimination of waste. The 6 sigma green belt programme requires you or your staff to meet certain minimal requirements for achieving certification. This can include analysis and solution of quality issues; experience in quality improvement projects; minimum 3 years of work experience; and the knowledge of the principles and processes. There are many advantages of having six sigma training in green belt.

A major advantage of six sigma green belt certification is that it helps in improving personnel and organizational efficiency. There is significant reduction in “business waste” that may otherwise occur in the form of production delays and cycle times. The green belt is focused on problem solving and can help in addressing and preventing any type of defect areas and correcting errors in production. This can help in maximizing efficiency. The training and programme will use tools like information boards, signal mapping processes and schedules for streamlining communication during the process of manufacturing.

The next benefit of green belt six sigma training is that it addresses and improves your teamwork skills. It involves the application of brainstorming sessions where all members of the team will work together to improve the processes. In fact, if you are a green belt, you could also be assisting other 6 sigma professionals like black belts when it comes to improving projects. The certification can also help improve your professional value and could lead to improved career opportunities.

The next advantage of completing six sigma green belt certification is that it helps improve the customer satisfaction level of your organization. The training focuses on the improvement of business processes, which eventually results in better customer satisfaction. Because there is going to be reduction in “business waste” during production, the overall cost and product quality will significantly improve.

As a green belt six sigma training specialist you will be specialized in specific aspects of business. You will not be required to deal with highly complicated issues or engage in companywide projects. On the other hand you will be assigned improvement projects in a specific area. For example, a green belt professional can create systems for preventing delays in production. These systems may involve the assembly line workers passing on information along with the product if it is required to communicate with coworkers. This can help ensure that workers will not have to leave their critical positions which could affect production.

There are many more reasons for completing six sigma green belt certification. As an individual the certification can give you a stable professional and more lucrative career. More and more organizations are seeking potential employees who have completed 6 sigma training and certification. Thus, such a certification can help you stand out from the crowd in a market that is already overcrowded with people who have basic qualifications and experience.
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