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By: Ryon Watson
The discussion over the nation's official drink might go on, however tea and coffee cafes emerging all over the city are finding favor with youngsters who don't feel bad about splurging more for the 'experience' they long for.

Regulars at these coffee shops say that they visit them for a lot more than what's on their menu. It's the atmosphere, the choices in drinks and rich food collectively that draws them in.

In the previous few years, there has been a big addition in the number of cafes as well as lounges in the city. These establishments provide a variety of tea and coffee sourced from world over. India has many tea and coffee joints, the current entrant being the global cafe chains that have spread their operations really fast in the nation with a big fan following.

More than premium coffee, it is the unique"third place" experience between work as well as home and the chance to be in touch with people over brewed drinks that attracts people to such places.

These establishments offer varieties of tea (hot, cold like lemon iced tea, fruity and more) and approximately as many choices in coffee. The clients experience something "unique" from what they would usually have at home.

A lot many people visit for a cup of tea, however are pleasantly amazed at what's on offer. Every variety in drink is different in its taste and health benefits it offers . The regular patrons here, are mostly happy trying something brand-new. Green tea is the most favorite among tea fans who are now familiar with its health benefits.

These cafes offer people a friendly interior merged with quality food as well as cordial reception, which is possibly why one is inclined to enjoy the same cup of coffee here more than at their own place. Nearly ninety percent of the customer base consist of college students as well as young working professionals in the twenty to twenty-seven years age bracket.

The choices people make in relation to food items offered in cafes is like following: "Nearly everybody orders sandwiches, muffins as well as desserts along with their specialty drinks. Basic hot coffee is the most favorite pick while the younger lot, a lot place an order for cold coffee variants like iced cappuccino, as well. Those above thirty mostly choose tea, for whom these establishments have specially teas of Assam, Darjeeling, Earl Grey and Masala tea varieties".Well.....what more can you ask for?


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Ryon Watson writes about hot coffee. For more details about iced cappuccino and lemon iced tea visit

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