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By: Travis Olague
There are parents who want to create a snug little nest for the baby in the nursery. They want it to look fairy-tale and improbably beautiful. Though standard style cribs come in many beautiful selections of wood and iron, the idea of a quite conventional baby crib is not to their liking. Even the advantage of convertible baby cribs, which are a popular choice for many parents, will not attract the strong attention and interest of their ability to convert to a toddler bed or to a full size bed.

Take a look at round cribs.
A round crib or cot bed, adorned with round crib baby bedding is that what they need. Besides its extraordinary shape it has more advantages that one can think of. One of the main benefits of a round crib or baby cot bed is that it can also be placed in the middle of the room. It is an advantage for both baby and mom; the little one has a view of the whole room and your access to the crib will be without barriers.

A round baby crib usually comes with a round crib mattress. If the crib you have chosen does not come with it, it is possible to purchase a mattress separately. Just make very sure that you have a snug fit, to ensure maximum baby crib safety and support. Some models of round baby cribs can include the teething rail, which is very vital for babies who are teething. A round crib can feature one or two drop sides for easy access to the baby. Cribs made from solid hardwood with traditional turned spindles right around are sturdy and durable. It is very convenient when a crib also features casters for easy mobility.

Triplets and quadruplets
It is obvious why baby beds for triplets and quadruplets are not mass replicated, but if you are lucky to have twins it is quite possible to find round cribs for twins. These cribs can come with two mattresses, 2 dome kits, 2 finial sets, and 2 sets of locking casters. Dual drop sides make it as easy as possible for mom to gain access to her babies. It is also possible to separate the cribs later on.

There are a great number of bedding sets for such round cribs. They often include a crib bumper, patchwork blanket, dust ruffle, and a fitted round crib sheet. Optional window valances and a diaper stacker in the same pattern are also available.

The biggest drawback of a round crib
A round crib will serve your baby only three maximum four years while a conventional convertible crib can often see you through to the teen years. There are baby cribs which can then be transformed into a toddler bed, day bed, and a nice, sturdy full-size bed.
However, if you have enough money to afford extraordinary baby nursery decor that is unique, take a look at the divergent line of round cribs in the market, and the appropriate baby paraphernalia.

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