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By: Ricky Grey
The rapidly increasing popularity of Smart phones has ignited a lasting spark in the mobile revolt. Use of Smart phones and mobile devices have amplified rapidly around the world. Today, people expend more time in surfing the internet and reading emails on their Smartphones than laptops and PCs.

Each day, we are welcomed with emails that aim sale of a product or service. You might have got some visually attractive messages that need compatibility with mobile phones, making it tricky for you to see them on your Smartphone. Using responsive e-mail templates is the definitive email marketing solutions to this issue. But, the question arises what actually responsive email is? Here is the easiest answer. Responsive email is an email that identifies the device's screen & size and turn into a suitable email outline.

Here is a list of a few essential things that should be considered when designing email marketing templates:

1. Do not go beyond 600 pixels for the template breadth.

2. Select the pre-header and be imaginative in your approach. Use the top-left part of e-mail templates to illustrate the subject line.

3. As, all the email clients do not show images by default. So, always use the minimum number of images in your email and circumvent it for the headlines.

4. Make use of bold fonts to emphasize headings and grasp customer's attention.

5. Use readily available system fonts in order to reduce display mistakes.

6. Take special care of the character sizes or you will screw up the outline. Get into the convention of making a 13 point character size by default.

7. It is best to enfold the email marketing content within two tables for better competence.

8. The dimension of buttons should not be more than 44×44. The slighter size buttons can be clicked inadequately on mobile phones.

9. It is prudent to use aligned CSS to code the templates more willingly than external CSS.

10. You should not use Java Scripts because it is not allowed in emails.

With responsive email marketing templates, you do not have to use different email templates for different mobile devices. Responsive email involuntarily regulates itself to the environment in spite of the screen size or mobile device, on which it is going to be seen. A single e-mail template works effectively with all the screen sizes and save efforts and time.

This highly developed technology makes your messages appear faultless on the reader's mobile screen. Responsive templates offer faster processing of columns, images, manifold text areas, whereas enhancing the usability for the recipient. This helps you in improving your brand image and gives the best user experience.

Thus, you can get better reader experience with clear and pleasant looking templates. Effective email marketing templates exhibit the links and buttons evidently that simply capture the readers' interest and thus, results in higher click through rates. This brings more visitors to your site and enhances your sales.

The responsive technique is increasing faster and we cannot overlook the fact that a huge number of e-mails are opened through the mobile phones every day. Thus, it is necessary to create responsive templates that fit well on smaller screens and check it for affinity before delivering it to the customers.

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