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By: Bryce Seecharran
You must prepare very well before the negotiation proceedings begin. That research is how you find out what you need to know to guarantee a favorable outcome for yourself. If you are not sure what you need to know, then here is what you need to do. Sit down and make a list of every important question you can imagine. Your more basic questions are going to be about strengths and weaknesses. Your job is partly to discover what a business actually needs and how badly it needs those things. Figure out the business's current situation, history and what it plans to do in the future. They are in this because they want something, and you have to know how badly and what they're willing to do for it.

There are going to be cultural differences and you need to be respectful of them. Negotiating with American based businesses or individuals will make your job quite a lot easier. The reason is because, stereotypically, Americans have a problem with impatience. You can use this to your advantage if you are willing to practice or actually have quite a lot of patience. This shows that you aren't in any big hurry. Even when you are under a time crunch, you can't let the other side know that that is what is going on. You should already understand what happens if a person rushes an important decision. They become more prone to mistakes and are more likely to give in to whatever your demands might be.

If you want to make sure your negotiations have a buffer, set up 24 hours of time, at least, to ask us if you need it. One of the most common ways to do this is to consult with someone else. Even though this tactic works, you are more than likely the only person that will make decisions that mean anything. If you do need to buy the time, then this is an exaggeration or lie that you simply have to make. The easiest way is to tell them you are working with advisers that you need to consult with. Just tell them they like to stay out of the picture, and that you do all the negotiations. Never tell the person you are negotiating with the truth, especially if you do make all the decisions for your company or business.

Any negotiations in business must be approached seriously if you want a favorable outcome. Even if you have a small business, the stakes are just as high although in relative terms. How successful you eventually become is entirely up to you. You have to go after the knowledge you need and then be willing to actually put that knowledge to work.

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