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By: amanda tom
Chanel jewelry, among the many things in the world of fashion, is one product that every woman would want to have in her wardrobe. Jewels by Chanel serve to inspire a host of fashion designers in the modern world to design new pieces. Be that as it is, the old and Vintage Chanel never runs out of fashion.

Brand Chanel has been more like a revolution in the world of fashion. There have been several luxury fashion brands before and after Chanel, but none have been able to match the ambience and stature of the Chanel. Here is brief overview of the various sections of jewelries available at leading Chanel stores.

Chanel Rings

Chanel rings are the perfect gifts for any occasion. The vintage Gold Button Ring from Chanel is a favorite with women and can be gifted on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The Silver Sterling Ring by Chanel is another great choice for gifts. It can be used both for parties and everyday use. Similar to the style of one of their earrings, Chanel has introduced the camellia crystal ring. The ring is in the shaped like the camellia flower with crystals studded in the petals. The classic interlocking double c is placed at the center. This ring adds the extra jazz to cocktail parties.

Chanel considerably raises the bar as far as wedding rings are concerned. The platinum wedding ring from Chanel is a favorite with brides all around the world. The 18k Gold Eternity wedding ring from Chanel is one of the showstoppers from the house of Chanel.
Chanel Earrings
Chanel earrings are arguably the most widely sold among all Chanel products. The popularity of earrings from the Chanel house is so far flung that the people from almost all the nations of the world have a carving for them. The Vintage CC Logo earrings from Chanel are extremely popular since the old days when they were first designed.

The crystal studded Vintage Chanel earrings are also extremely famous and match perfectly with party wear dresses. The popular Gold Button earrings are one of the most widely sold pieces of Chanel Jewelry. They are the perfect foil for daily as well as special use. The dual disc earrings are a great choice for the modern woman. With two discs, the outer made of black metal and the inner of pure god, the innermost circle houses the double c Chanel logo.

Chanel Necklaces
A classy necklace might be the difference between the everyday woman and her most elegant look. At Chanel, this thought is what distinguishes the necklace designs from those of other brands. One can choose a wide variety from the elegant diamond studded pink necklaces to the jazzy pink double c pendants meant for parties. The dual pendant silver necklace has a heart shaped silver necklace besides the interlocking double c. This piece brings refreshing change to the stereotypical necklaces. The Vintage Double Strand link necklace from Chanel brings back a feeling of all that was exquisite from the past century. An addition to the Chanel Jewelry has been the crystal studded waist belt with the CC logo hanging down the thigh.
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