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By: amanda tom
Almost everyone has a phone and many people have a free eBooks library on them. Some people think of reading books on their phone and the complications that arise due to that. These are all misconceptions; reading books on your phone is completely safe and comfortable.

These are some of the misconceptions about reading books on your phone:

Screen size: The common misconception in many is the screen size. They think that because of the smaller screen size of the phone, they will cause strain to their eyes. The screen size of many phones is similar the size of a section of a newspaper or magazine. Unlike with printed materials, the font in eBooks can be enlarged to help ease eyestrain.

Cost extra money: This is purely a misconception, the entire free eBook library is completely free, and there is no need to pay money to download these eBooks. If you get the free eBook app download, then the books can be downloaded for free, no matter how many books there are. Since there are many free eBook app downloads available, make sure that the application is completely free before downloading it.

Time taking: Many might think that downloading an eBook will take lot of time, but it does not. If you have a speedy internet connection, the eBook can be downloaded quickly. So, download the eBooks with the apps and enjoy reading.

Not many available: There are many eBooks that are available on the internet and they are often released on the same day as the physical books. People who cannot go to the bookstore can download the eBooks from the internet and read them the same day of their release. With the thousands of books available, you can find a book to suit your needs.

All that is required is a speedy internet connection and a smartphone or tablet, on which the free eBook app can be downloaded. With this application, thousands of eBooks can be downloaded and one can read then when they get time. There are many free eBook applications available online, so pick the best one by reading the reviews.
Get a free eBook library by downloading it from a free eBook app download. Just make sure that the application is free to use.

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