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By: Kim Valerio
Many western people think that all Asian cuisine are spicy and exotic. Whilst it may be true, there are still some milder dishes that can be appreciated by all.

If you are one of the lot that think in this manner, I have a good news for you.Kapitan chicken is a dish that is comes from Malaysia, as a result of the cross cultural influence of culinary skills of the Malay towards the local Chinese community. This traditional cuisine is called kapitan chicken.

The name Kapitan chicken has been known since the colony time in the 15th centuries. Based on the Malaysian history, Legend has it one of the Chinese cook of a ship owned by the British was wanting to understand how to cook the native cuisine.One day, he saw a Malay woman cooking a stew chicken dish and the kitchen was permeate with unfamiliar amazing flavor.He decided to ask from the lady on the way to cook the dish that she was preparing for dinner. The Malay woman said she was preparing a classic curry dish, and show him how to cook.

Melaka and Pinang are two major cities in Malaysia renowned for Nyonya food particularly Kapitan chicken. Over here, most of the cuisine will always be have a bit of local flavor, whether it is western or chinese cuisine. For example, kapitan chicken is created from a Malay curry dish but has been modified by the Chinese and prepared by using a different group of herbs and spices. The chicken used must be fresh and marinated overnight to ensure it is soft and juicy. The trick is to marinate and deep-fried the chicken before it is simmered in a pot of bubbling hot coconut milk.

Kapitan chicken is different from the classic Malaysian curry not merely it is less hot, but is also cooked with different set of spices. The main herbs and spices used are turmeric, lemongrass, onions, garlic and ginger. The outcome is a curry that is more appropriate to the taste bud of the Chinese who does not commonly consume spicy food as much as the Malays. The basic spices used in Malay and Indian curry such as cumin, fenugreek and fennel are hardly used.Rather, belacan is added in a tiny amount with abundance of coconut milk.

Kapitan chicken stands by its own as a unique nyonya dish due to the interweaving cultural heritage of the Malay, Chinese, Portuguese and British.The unique flavor comes from the little belacan that is added into the spice mix. The combination of ingredients make it unmistakably the most unique Malaysia's gastronomic heritage that you should not miss. It is very easy to prepare and has a unique taste but not too overpowering for anyone to try.You can go to for more information about Malaysian food and download your favorite recipes.

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