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By: Colin Armstrong
The little black dress (LBD) is the most revered item in a women’s wardrobe and can be worn anywhere, at any time, without looking out of place. All it takes is the right accessories and some creativity. If you want your LBD to steal the show every time you wear it, here are 10 ways to accessorise your outfit.

1. A big necklace

The LBD is the outfit of choice for many women attending black-tie weddings and the addition of a chunky statement necklace with matching earrings will really draw focus onto your outfit, adding style, elegance.

2. A white blazer

For business meetings, black is the ultimate corporate look; however, you do not want your LBD to look too revealing as it could look unprofessional. To add a look of sophistication to the day dresses, simply throw on a tailored white blazer.

3. Polka-dot tights

Whether your dress is formal or frilly, you can instantly add volume to the outfit by adding a pair of jazzy tights. Polka-dot tights add style appeal without looking trashy and are perfect for stepping out to parties in the winter.

4. Leopard Print Shoes

To add beauty and a touch of colour to your LBD, you can make a statement with some animal-print shoes. Leopard print heels are chic and really add a new dimension to a formal outfit.

5. Red bag or purse

If you are going to a birthday bash, adding something red to your outfit will help put you in celebratory mood. You could do this with jewellery or shoes, but a red clutch bags or purse is the cutest option.

6. Headwear

Going for a day at the races? A hat is a must. When it comes to finding headwear to match the LBD, there are no boundaries; big, small, bright, dark – anything goes. Maybe you’re not going to the races; maybe you’re going to a Halloween party? Throw on a witch’s hat and some heels and be the sexiest witch at the bash.

7. Wide belt

A wide belt that accentuates your curves can instantly transform your LBD and is perfect for dressing up an outfit for a dinner date. If you’re looking to be bold, a red or white belt will draw extra attention to the dress.

8. Faux fur

Follow in the footsteps of ultimate fashion icon Kate Moss by adding a faux-fur jacket to your outfit. Not only are these jackets super stylish, they are pretty warm too!

9. A cardigan

Team a LBD with some flat sandals and you instantly have the perfect outfit for a summer’s evening stroll in the park. Add a simple cardigan to the outfit and you’ll be warm and comfortable too.

10. Broach or pin

To transform a LBD into a glitzy outfit for a night on the town, do nothing more than add a large broach or pin. Simple, effective and, most of all cheap.

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