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By: Mitja Goole
The world of travel is now gradually inducting Croatia gulet holidays as a top ranking destination of sea adventure holidays. For the last ten years Croatia has evolved into a leading destination for sea fairing holidaymakers and the trend is growing. So what are Croatia gulet holidays all about? Why are they becoming increasingly popular as a global destination? The following are ten things to know about Croatia gulet holidays.

First, to charter an affordable Croatia gulet the cost will factor in several arrangements. In the final analysis the cost will be a sum of the company charter fee, the obligatory fee, the food arrangement charges, beverages arrangement charges, delivery fee if applicable and extra host costs if applicable. This means that you can bargain and tailor-make the cost of your cruise yourself depending on the amount you have to spend.

Secondly, all the leisure equipment and facilities installed in a gulet are at your disposal. Modern Croatia gulet ships are packed with a host of recreational equipment and are charged as part of the package. Thirdly, most Croatia gulet companies allow you to alter the itinerary if you are interested in something that was not factored in during the booking. You can change your charter arrangement any time you want as long as the weather allows.

Fourthly, you can bring your own drinks aboard the gulet if you prefer to. Some Croatia gulet companies however impose some form of limitation on the foods and drink you can bring on board from outside. Croatia gulet voyages can be facilitated by a tour guide if you so desire, something which must be communicated at the time of reserving the charter.

All cabins in a gulet are self contained and you have your private shower and bathroom which is not accessible to any of the crew members. Fact seven, pets are usually not allowed on board a yacht due to the unfavorable and confined environment. If however you want to bring your pet along agree with the Croatia gulet charter company concerned since they can always make exceptions.

The Croatian climate is ideal for casual attire so ensure that you pack your shorts, bathing suit, T-shirts and other comfortable and cool clothing. Do not carry a lot of luggage though; a cruise needs only but a light pack of changing clothes. You do not need to pay for gulet insurance charges since the gulet is already insured by its owner. The insurance you need is one against personal harm in case of a mishap.

Finally, once you negotiate and agree on a Croatia gulet charter, ensure that everything is put down in writing and signed into a contract some weeks before the cruise. It is always wise to have a tangible agreement in case complications develop thereafter.

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