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By: Parijaat Srivastava
When it comes to movies, I get my kick only from action. I’m sure this would be true for many of you. Well, in my view, a movie is worth watching if it has a tint of action present. Now this becomes more defined if we talk about action in particular. I think the better way to decide is to figure how appealing is the car chases, the gun fights, those hand-to-hand combats and the explosion scenes in the movie. And if they are amazingly put together, sometimes it’s the thing that matters the most.

And on that note, here I’m with my five most favorites action flicks.

a. Romeo Must Die: Talk about action and miss mentioning some one-on-one Chinese martial art...tut NOT POSSIBLE! Well, in this league, Jackie Chan is my favorite but as we talking about movies...I’ll say my favorite is ‘Romeo must Die’. Jet Li has done a quite a job here in giving us some promising martial art. Based on William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, this movie is the ‘action’-version. A must-watch, indeed!

b. Kill Bill: Vol 2: Most of you would say that ‘Kill Bill: Vol 1’ was more action-packed. But I think Kill Bill: Vol 2 was more of a surprise action. Other than this, the story is quite the same. The bride here continues her quest for revenge against her former boss.

c. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Two reasons for this one! First, the hot actor Jake Gyllenhaal and second, of course the action. It’s more of a swashbuckling flick where the focus is the adventures of the Prince of Persia. Those of you who have played the game can definitely understand the zeal and the spirit. Intense sequence of violence and action is the core of it.

d. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life: Another fictional character from an adventure game. It’s more like a lady Indiana Jones with the same energy and fervor. The role of Lara Croft is played by Angelina Jolie. And the action sequences here are simply marvelous. Also, not to forget Jolie’s extra ordinary performance. In fact, the critics have described her as "the fearless heiress/adventuress, plus a little more human”. Personally, I would say she is the best lady adventuress the world has ever seen.

e. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part II: And the reason to pick this movie simply goes to the Batman. The tagline goes like ‘Justice Returns... Vengeance Returns... Redemption Comes to Gotham’. Quite a treat for those who want to enjoy Batman’s fancy gadgets and his fighting skills.

These are some of the movies that I can easily count as my favorites. Do share yours.

Author Bio: Parijaat Srivastava is a movie buff. He likes to write about English action movies, Hollywood Comedy movies, romantic movies, television shows, documentaries and all that relates to entertainment.

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