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By: amanda tom
Car leasing always makes sense whether you lease a car for personal use or business use. Buying a new car is not only more expensive but it also comes with its own ownership hassles. For anyone a personal car is like a member of the family and there is considerable expense that one needs to make to ensure that their family member is in top shape. However, when you opt for personal car leasing or business car leasing you enjoy the benefit of ownership sans the baggage that comes with it. There are benefits of car leasing and we've given you five of them below.

Depreciation is a term every car owner knows about. Any car is depreciated every year bases its age and the mileage it covers. This is why when you consider the price of your 10-year old car the value seems to be much less than what you would’ve thought of. However, when you opt for personal car leasing or business car leasing you don’t worry about the depreciation of the vehicle. It is the lease company that needs to think about it. This is one ownership baggage you are able to shed the moment you lease a car.

The cost of personal car leasing or business car leasing is much less than the cost of buying a car. Even when you lease a new car you pay much less than what you would for buying a new car. The initial down payment is much lesser and usually a value equal to three instalments needs to be paid up front. And even the EMIs of car leasing are less than that of a personal car. And the car leasing dealers also help you with financing the lease. So you gain from every conceivable angle.

Maintenance etc.
When you lease a car you can opt for a package that includes the maintenance cost. This is one of the biggest benefits of leasing a car. Moreover, other costs like road tax and insurance are also paid by the dealer. As far as warranty is concerned you get the usual manufacturer’s warranty even when you lease a car. Can you imagine how hassle free you can be with personal car leasing?

Business benefit
There are some special benefits especially for business car leasing. As a business you save on cash flow by leasing a car. You can also keep your credit line relatively free through car leasing. Because you will be paying less for your leased car you can apply for better loan amounts elsewhere. And you can balance your car lease payment against your business tax.

The best cars for you
Cars like Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini and the top end models of Mercedes, BMW and Porsche are out of bounds for many people. With personal car leasing or business car leasing you can own these cars. Think about driving out on a Porsche and you would know what we’re talking about. And you can switch to another beauty at the end of the lease.
You get benefits through personal car leasing and you get additional benefits through business car leasing

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