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By: amanda tom
The moment someone customizes something they add 15% to 20% on the cost of the product. This is irrespective of products and services. The customization may be nothing but adding a touch or two here and there but the customer is made to feel that a lot has been done. Thankfully custom curtains and drapes don’t fall in this category of products. Certain custom curtains online stores let you customize curtains and drapes in the way you want. And they don’t charge you through your nose for this.

There are websites that tell you ways to customize store bought curtains. Some of the tips are indeed very useful. You will find that by adding a few touches here and there you can convert an ordinary curtain into something special. And you can do these touch ups at home without depending on the store where you bought your curtains from. But there are a couple of major issues with this type of customization and they are skill and time.

To make custom curtains and drapes at home you need that sewing skill. Some women have this kind of skill but would want to rely on experts for customization. And the moment you hire an expert you end up spending quite a bit on the customization job. And even when someone is skilled at sewing work they take a lot of time for the simplest embellishments. Time is something few of us can afford to spend on such work. So we are back to hiring experts. But why not give the job to custom curtains online stores that are willing to customize your curtains for you for a cost that is already built into the price?

Instead of buying off the shelf curtains and wasting time on customizing them you should rather focus on getting the design concept right for your custom curtains and drapes. To get started you need to identify the number of curtain or drapes you are going to require. Next you will need to measure the height and width of all those windows where you want the curtains put up. This finishes the majority of your customization job.

The next step is to visit one of the top custom curtains online stores and select your curtains. Here you will need to consider the material and the color of your curtains. There are different materials available for curtains and you can choose from cotton to silk to velvet and what not. You may want to opt for single colored curtains or patterns. As far as the colors are concerned it is best to choose brighter colors for the living room and darker shades for the bedrooms. Ensure that your curtain color complements the wall colors in these rooms. Once all this is done you are ready to place your order.

Some of the custom curtains online stores offer free delivery and you should make use of this facility. Once your custom curtains and drapes arrive you would feel on top of the wall as you put them up.
Custom curtains and drapes are available in some of the custom curtains online stores. So why waste time and effort in doing customization on off the shelf curtains and drapes?

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