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By: Marci Christensen
When it comes to combating boredom, books can be our best friends. Within minutes they can ferry us into the land of dreams or open a world of immense knowledge to us. But, did you know that books can be used to decorate homes too? Yes, you are reading it right. Books can be used to add an element of class and beauty to your homes. There is something indescribably appealing about rooms decorated with Antique books, walls lined with well-organized shelves. So, if you want to give a touch of regality to your interiors with books, here’s what you can do.

• Some authentic vintage books in neutral colors can be a comforting site for the eyes. Each book is a work of art, unique and beautiful. They’re also a piece of history, worth preserving that’s why by having antique books in your shelves will not just add to the beauty of your interiors but will also win you appreciation from family and friends.

• Built-in bookshelves surrounding a doorway can present a spectacular view; start by filling the top row with books. Alternate the remaining nooks with creatively stacked books and accessories.

• Stack your books in different directions so there is variation and breaks your visual lines in the space.

• Reserve the shelves at eye level for your loveliest books, such as antique, leather bound books.

• Paint or paper the inside back of your bookcases to add a touch of color or pattern to your room. If you're not arranging your books by subject or author, grouping them by color looks striking in transitional or contemporary settings.

• Place heavy tomes, such as textbooks and reference volumes, on the lower shelves to avoid a top-heavy look.

• Adorn your bookcases with a mix of large and small objects, and stagger their placements on the shelves.

• Carry your color scheme onto your bookshelf to give the room a sense of unity.

• If you want to bring an element of nature in your home then you can place near your bookshelf to create a relaxing corner for yourself.

• Utilize a built-in bookcase as a fashionable and functional headboard. Add appeal with adjustable reading lights mounted inside the bookcase.

• Give your bookshelf a timeless English-Library feel by grouping similarly bound books and mix in a few old cigar boxes and other vintage finds.

• An antique chandelier can add to the beauty of your vintage inspired Library.

A home is much more than just a living space. It is a canvas upon which inhabitants display their inspirations. Decorating with books is a simple and cost effective way to add warmth and depth to your home décor. So, buy decorative books by Book Décor and lend a new character and style to your home décor. Imported from Europe, their assortment of foreign-text collections is both beautiful and price-effective. Browse their wide selection of stunning leather bound, gilt-accented and antique products, by simply visiting their website at-

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