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By: Tinku Bhatt
I can understand the hassles and pain one have to go through while packing for home shifting. Right from searching a moving agency to buying insurance, creating list of goods to pack and move to creating list of items that should be crapped. Everything is so stressful and not that easy. Based on my personal experience, I would like to share a few of the important moving tips to make your home shifting easy and smooth. Check out these moving tips below

1. Create a list and mention almost each and every item you want to pack and shift. Create another list to separate items that you don’t want to move.

2. Arrange or buy sufficient packing boxes. Since you have the list if stuff to be packed and moved, it should be easy to buy packing materials. Buy a little more than you think you will need. This is very important, unless you want to compromise with the safety of your household goods.

3. Buy wardrobe box or cardboard in order to pack your wardrobe and other stuff that can be shifted within the wardrobe e.g. clothes that can be hanged and moved.

4. You may like to put small items into the bottom of the wardrobe while packing. This is just to save some space in your moving truck.

5. Pack items in groups like items that you need together must be packed together in the same box. This will make your life easy while searching for such items at the time of unpacking.

6. Start packing your items from the day one. Lots of people think, there is time and they can do it later, but trust me it will cause delays. So start packing and planning now.

7. Pack and carry all valuable goods like jewellery, important documents etc with yourself instead of sending it in the moving truck.

8. Make sure to buy sufficient insurance to ensure you don’t loose much incase there is any mishap or an accident etc during the transit.

9. If you are hiring a moving company, ask them for any hidden cost, free offers like if they will offer a couple of days free warehousing if required or not.

10. Leave the keys of your old home and put a label on the door with your new address. Get keys of your new home in advance.

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