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By: Nicholson
Are you one of those people who thinks normal is boring? Do you prefer adventure and excitement? Then you will surely enjoy a vacation on a yacht. To enjoy a holiday of a lifetime, charter a Nicholson yacht and you will never regret it. While sailing you pass by different islands and you are free to stop at any island which catches your fancy. You can explore different places and do things at your pace. Sailing is quite therapeutic and the serenity and quietness of the waters can help you de-stress, especially if you lead a very hectic life.

The Different Exotic Destinations to Choose From

There are several companies that provide yacht charter services. They offer various tour packages for BVI Yacht Charter services. The islands that you pass by on these tours are famous for their exotic sea creatures and fauna and flora. These creatures are preserved well and you can see them at close quarters giving you plenty of opportunity to take some amazing photographs. Other than the Virgin Islands a few of the other destinations to where cruises are offered are the Mediterranean, North America, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand and the Indian Ocean region.

The Different Types of Yacht Charters Available

If you charter a yacht with the crew, then there is nothing you need to worry about. The highly experienced captain and his team will help you enjoy a dream holiday. Since they know a lot about all the islands they can give you advice as to which ones to visit. Another option available is, you could spend a day out at sea by chartering a yacht for a day. The experience of seeing the land from the sea is certainly different. You could opt for a motor yacht charter, sailing yachts or catamarans. The larger ones can sleep up to 28 guests excluding crew and the smaller ones can sleep about six guests.

Activities on Board

The advantage of a Nicholson Caribbean Yacht Charter is that you can avail of the free lessons that are offered to learn different water sports. A part of the crew are trained and experienced instructors who can teach you water skiing, snorkelling, paddle boarding, surfing and many other sports. For those who are less keen on sporting activities, there are plenty of DVDs available on board. The food served on the Antigua yacht services, by their expert chefs is absolutely delicious and they will cook anything that you ask for. So you can look forward to a wonderful experience.


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