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By: faulkwood2003
While there are many questions a potential newbie to cash gifting might have, this article will focus on the most commonly asked questions about cash gifting.

Interestingly enough, the number one question asked most often is, “Is this a scam?” This makes one wonder if anyone ever really answers, “Oh yes, this a scam and I'm trying to cheat you. Please send me your money right away!” Nevertheless, it is a question people commonly ask.

In case that's the question that's lurking in your mind, no cash gifting is not a scam, although the person you join with can be a little less than honest. Too often people join with some of the biggest names in gifting, so-called gurus and cash gifting experts, and receive very little, if any, help or support from their sponsors. Be careful of those whose marketing consists of just flaunting large amounts of cash but offering no real value.

The second most asked question is, “How fast will I start making money?” The best answer to this question is to give yourself four to six weeks to start receiving gifts on a regular basis. And your first couple weeks should consist of getting proper training, coaching and learning effective marketing techniques. Now four to six weeks is average, you could do better, or you could do worse. The key is to be consistent in your marketing efforts and not give up.

There are basically two things you need to do to succeed in gifting. They are:
1) Get Started and
2) Don't quit.

The next most often asked question is basically along the lines of how much money are you making but people don't usually ask directly. They simply say something like, “How well is it working for you?” and “How long have you been involved with the program?” The best way to answer this question is to simply be honest. If you're new and just started, then say so.

After that you may encounter a wide variety of marketing questions. Ranging from, “I don't have much money to advertise. What do you recommend?” You may also get, “What kind of training do you offer?” And so on. Again, just answer to the best of your ability.

Knowing the type of inquiries you are likely to encounter will help you prepare in advance to address your potential pledges concerns as well as boost your confidence that you are ready and prepared to handle any questions that may arise.

Thanks for reading and God bless.

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Carrie LaShawn has quickly become a top cash gifting expert with Epic Wealth Systems and has been an online marketer since 1994. For more in-depth information on how to avoid the pitfalls of cash gifting programs visit

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