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By: Rodney Price
My cousin, Charlie, is no supporter of lethal weapons. He prefer to protect himself via hand-to-hand combat. Given that not all people has his martial arts skills, we require alternative manners to defend ourselves. Surprisingly, Charlie recommends stun guns as effective personal protection products.He mentions these are non-lethal, yet superb at warding off street thugs and burglars. Their results are momentary, and there is absolutely no threat of enduring long-term damage if you get hit with one.Charlie knows of a gal who carries a 4.5 million volt mobile phone stun device. She at one time explained to him precisely how it paralyzed a junkie that had attempted to molest her. He had growled in pain as his muscular tissues lost control. The person which had been deceived by her masked stun weapon ended up dropping after losing his balance.A good friend of mine also supports the use of stun weapons for personal defense. Earl is armed with a rechargeable fashion stun device with flashlight. Its powerful LED beam of light makes this look just like an average flashlight, yet that is powered by 3.5 million volts.Earl explains the flashlight is handy in sidetracking the target in the beginning, so that he is allowed a far better aim at the target once the target is blinded by the brilliant glare. Earl has already bested two thieves utilizing it, one of which the police caught after he had reported the occurrence.I pressed Charlie concerning whether or not he would ever lug a stun device, just as an added method to safeguard himself, particularly out in the dim streets where he wandered in the evening on his way home.In the event he acquired one, my coz would like a night stun baton with 9.5 million volts of power. He favors stunning from a secure range owing to the weapon's stretch of 18 inches. Baton stun devices are longer in comparison to the regular stun guns.This one features a built-in flashlight, and also can't just be snatched given that the metal part surrounding the tip is likewise electrified. "That is my concept of effective personal protection products," he pointed out.

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