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By: Marianne B. Conway
“Second-Class Sailors” surrounds the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Cash joins the Navy to become a US Navy SEAL. During training he meets Danny Stone, and they embark on an epic odyssey across the globe that is filled with sex, love, hardship, and growth. In Thailand, Danny is raped by a fellow shipmate, and makes Cash swear to never tell anyone. Torn between loyalty to Danny and a blind quest for justice, Cash ultimately testifies and becomes the key witness in the criminal trial of the accused. During the journey to the Court Marshall, Cash and Danny’s sexualities become a matter of personal discovery, as well as public knowledge used as evidence to invalidate their testimonies and service to their country, placing them in direct conflict with the court, as well as the entire US military.Told through shifting narratives between men and the sea, across continents and perspectives, Second-Class Sailors are about two men’s struggle to pay the price of truth, and the courage it takes to stand against unbeatable odds, and to overcome them.

“Second-Class Sailors” continues to inspire readers in the equal rights movement of our time, and was temporarily donated in support of Washington State’s historical campaign for marriage equality, receiving a wide readership.

A veteran of the US Navy during the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” era, and alumni of the University of Washington’s creative writing program, Lance’s work has been featured by OutServe Magazine, Human Rights Campaign, JONATHAN, Pacifica Literary Review, and many others.

Existing Reviews:

The author not only clearly described the deepest type of male friendship/brotherhood but also depicted the difficulty and triumph of being true to yourself no matter the personal cost. If Mr. Garland loosens up his choice of words and tightens up his editing, his next book will have an even greater impact. Review by J. Brunelle

This story deserves great praise! This book is a ode to the idea that love never fails... The struggle of a Navy life while finding love is a new and refreshing tale that is so greatly told. The author makes great use of imagery to help draw you into his world as it was when he was a "Second-Class Sailor." Tragedy, suspense, booze, and love will keep you on your toes- you won't be able to put this book down! It truly was a great read. By D Pryor NCE

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