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By: Marianne B. Conway
Rev. Shoemaker was concerned. Had God commissioned what they were about to do?

The church office was dark and it was extremely cold on this early January morning in Boston, the year 1948. The elders of the church had been called to a secret meeting. This time, a few women in the church, had been invited to this very special meeting.

The meeting started abruptly, just like it would end. The plans were laid out in black and white. It was clear that Jesus Christ, was more than likely, a man of color. “The plan” had to work, there was no other way.

It was decided, Sister Mayberry’s daughter would marry a man of color. The church would protect the marriage and the couple would conceive twins. To ensure that twins were born, Sis Mayberry’s daughter would gather the sperm of her husband and take, to a designated clinic…..........

One of the Elders raised his hand and asked “Will the children be raised as Europeans”?

Rev. Shoemaker replied, “They will be raised in the neighborhood of the father’s parents. However, they will visit their mother’s parents often.”

Sis Johannes’s could not hold her piece any longer, she stood and asked “Will the church be sending them to college?”

Rev Shoemaker responded, “No. That will be left up to the families.” This pattern will be repeated all over the country not only within the church. We cannot predict the outcome of each family. It is only expected that these children, will control, decisions in high places, high level jobs, Congress, and even our Government.”

Elder Burns, said very softly “God help us if this plan ever becomes public”

With that statement, the meeting ended as abruptly as it as started. Rev Shoemaker walked out of the meeting and hoped that he had done the right thing.

The others walked out of the office slowly and departed realizing that they were never to speak of this meeting or “the plan” again. There would be no turning back.

Elder Burns turned the office light off, as he leaned against the wall for support. He was 80 years old, and since his wife had passed away 3 years earlier, he was loosing strength daily. He knew that it would not be long before he would join her. In fact, after this meeting, he wanted to join her that evening.

Now he understood what his wife had meant when she laid on her death bed and whispered the words, “The wolf is in sheep’s clothing”

Later that afternoon Elder Burns sat in his favorite easy chair for his late afternoon nap.

As he slept his dreams took him to a far away city, a beautiful city, a city with many hills.

There were two little girls who were equally beautiful, they were twins. They were the children, of a woman of European descent and a man of color. One of the twins married a man of color, and gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Then, the identical, twin sister, laid-with the same man, and gave birth to another girl child. The husband of color, never knew of his wife's deceit. The second twin remained in the home for nine months, until after the birth of the child.

The husband of color always felt a sense of pain when it came to the second child. And, his wife had acted strangely during the pregnancy......but, he never really knew, the deceit of the twins.

A divorce occurred, and DNA testing was ordered by the court, for all children involved. The test results for the second child showed the husband of color, as the father, but questioned the mother’s identity. Child support was to be paid, but to whom?

Elder Burn’s dream faded out, and he awoke with an inner knowing, of how this disgraceful plan would be revealed in 50 years.

He felt a sense of comfort knowing that he had been shown the outcome, through a dream. He didn’t fell much like joining his wife, he felt hungry and wanted to watch the evening news and see what other disgraceful events, had occurred that day.

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