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By: Marianne B. Conway
“One for Two” was written by a new author who has a strong premise. The book nor the description, never mention the word vampire, but this is exactly what the main character is in this modern day book.

Yet, the story was intriguing and left little to the imagination. Madison a fidget type personally wanted all the benefits and comforts of marriage without having to share of herself or to make love to her husband. The book explains how she helps her husband find what she calls “flower girls” to sleep with her husband, with a promise that he’s going to leave his wife.

Richard, Madison’s husband is a high-powered attorney who with his handsome looks plays his role in the game very well. Women who fall into the trap, absolutely are delighted that he is going to leave his wife for them.

Yet each time, Madison changes her mind about the marriage and demands that Richard get rid of his mistress. Madison then uses the spiritual energy of the mistresses to have an over-whelming love-making encounter with her husband. It’s a game they play, until Richard meets a young woman who he falls in love with. He tries to keep the woman he loves from his wife by introducing a second mistress in the picture, to throw his wife off-track, but his plan doesn’t work.

Richard ends up having a heart attack after forcing himself to make love to his wife. Madison feels a reasonable amount of guilt and goes into depression.

After several months of deep depression Madison books herself on a trans-Atlantic cruise where she meets Thurston Breaux, another attorney who had recently divorced his wife in California. The odds of meeting a man, who divorced his wife because she played the same games that Madison played, are rare in deed, but this is what happens. The premise being that “likes attract” or “just because someone dies, doesn’t mean the problem is over,” not sure which of these lesson the author was pointing to.

What I am sure of is the romance between Madison and her new lover aboard a trans-Atlantic cruise is exciting, and the ending is surprising.

At first it’s hard to believe that there are people in the world like Madison, but the book helps you to identify women like Madison who are very much alive and in operation today. It’s a subtle reminder that spiritual vampires still exist in today’s society.

The book cover shows an inter-racial couple, however the book never mentions the races of any of the characters. After I read the book, it gave me chills. It’s truly was modern day evil at its best. If you can get over the slow beginning and the mistakes that new authors make, it’s worth a read.

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