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By: Ram Gupta
Some times I wonder what degree of slimness would qualify one to be called healthy. I know that there is a definite relation ship between body weight and ones height, give or take 1 or 2 pounds here and there, one would still be qualified as healthy, if one fits in those parameters. My second dilemma asks me, is there a relationship between height, weight and body measurements. Think no, and it cannot be. Measurements are different from being healthy and slim. Otherwise, why would I meet people with good-looking measurements losing weight in the gym.

If one is not overweight, he or she is lucky and very conscious of health. At least that is the perception. However, what about the few more lucky ones who are blessed with "eat what ever and as much" and nothing happens to their weight. They don't have to worry losing weight fast or slow. I have met a few such lucky people who were slim 10 years back and even today, they look the same, if not better. Age does not seem to bother them. They eat and eat every thing.

Yet there is the other category where most of us belong. Work hard to lose weight, get slim and then continue to work harder to remain slim. The finish line never seems to come. Yes, the hardest part of a weight loss program is to ensure that once the targeted body weight is achieved, it is not allowed to increase again. The issue is, how do you do that, continue the diet plan, exercise and have self-control?. One is reminded that while it is difficult to reach the top, more difficult is to remain there.

Avoid Routine Fatigue

The best method to continue to remain slim, looks like that one must add alternate modes or methods of losing weight fast. As an example, one can add yoga for a couple of days to replace an exercise. Of course, this exchange must be done in consultation with the physical instructor or the guide. This strategy will avoid the routine fatigue to set in. Routine or regime fatigue is the most dangerous thing to happen. It negates the results.

Tune Your Attitude

Another strategy is to maintain a positive attitude towards your body. Always think the body to be slim, attractive and glowing. Have you heard that thoughts become things? Yes, it is true. You are, most of the time, what you think you are. If you keep your mind filled with the thought that you are adding weight, the chances are that you would start losing what you gained. Remember, sliding down is not only easy but also dangerous. You get hurt.

Slimming, losing weight and remaining healthy has a lot to do with your mental state of mind. Diet, exercise and other measures only act as catalyst in achieving the desired results. They can only help you this much and no more unless you are mentally tuned to remain healthy. It is therefore very important to keep a positive mental approach when attempting losing weight fast and remaining slim for best results.

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