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By: Rudy Silva
If you want to do YouTube downloads, you can convert them into different formats. Youtube is a video-sharing site powered by Google. If you have an account on it, you can upload any videos and allow anybody to view them.

At times, people use YouTube to express themselves and to show their talent to the world. Some celebrities we have today owe their popularity to YouTube, where they maintain millions of viewers. The more viewers one video has, the more popular it becomes. If the video showcases a unique talent and it earns votes, followers and viewers, there is a big chance that the owner of the video will be famous.

To download videos from YouTube, a downloader is necessary. There are many sites on the web that offer this free service. The instructions may vary, but most of them would require you to enter the URL of the video from YouTube that you would like to convert.

If you do not know the URL, then you can enter the title of the video and the name of the artist if it is a commercial music video, and the name of the owner if it is any other video.

In some cases in which you have the video on your computer and you would like to convert into another format, you only have to upload that file on the site that offers that services. Either way, you need a site that offers converter software.

The videos from YouTube have a unique format. After downloading, the videos will be saved on your computer, before you can convert them into another format.

When these YouTube downloads are ready for conversion, you can choose any format that would be compatible to your player. For example, you can convert them to play on your iPod, iPhone or any mobile that play videos.

Some of the formats from which you can convert youtube videos include the MP4, FLV, 3GP, AVI, WMV and DivX.

MP4 or MPEG 4 provides video and audio of DVD quality at a small file size. You can play this file on any portable MP4 players such as the mobile phones, iPod and iPhone. The mobile phones must be equipped with technology to playback these MP4 files.

FLV means Flash Live Video. This is the video file required by YouTube if you want to upload a video on the site. There are video and audio players that play FLV file.

3GP files are played by 3G mobile phones. 3GP means third generation partnership project. iPod has this technology. The file .3GP is a simplified standard file of MP4 and is designed for reduced storage and reduce bandwidth requirements so it can play on mobile phones.

The AVI file is an audio video interleave. As a multimedia container format, you can playback synchronously audio and video files such as the DVD format.

WMV means windows media video developed by Microsoft for internet streaming applications. It requires Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VLC media player, MPlayer or KMPlayer to play this file.

Do you know what to do with your Download videos from youtube? In some cases you will want to convert them over to play on your device. This is where we come in. Go to so you can convert your YouTube videos.

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