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By: Imran Ali
If you have your own jewellery shop and want better sales then an important thing that should be remembered is to display jewellery for customers in a professional way. Customers should be able to view the jewellery even when they are passing from your shop. If you have the stunning pieces of jewellery but the display is not properly made then it will not stimulate the buyers to come inside and to purchase it. In different jewellery stores the items are not properly organized and the products are not properly presented. It is observed that organized display helps and makes selection easier for the customers.
Here are some necessary points which should be followed to display jewellery properly on your shop.
1) Similar jewellery pieces should be displayed at one place.
2) The jewellery should be categorized according to different types like rings, earrings, neckpieces etc.
3) The jewellery should be displayed according to the color, design, style and gemstone.
4) Display of earrings is your own decision. The earrings can be displayed on a rotating rack. It depends on the choice of the seller whether he want to display the earrings on rotating rack with and without earring cards. On rotating rack over hundred pieces of earrings can be displayed. If the cards are also used for displaying the earrings the suitable color can be chosen. When these earrings are displayed with card then rubber hooks should be used which keep the cards straight.
5) Seller should be creative while displaying the jewellery pieces. White and black velvet and leatherette displays, chamfered mirrors are the good ways to display the jewellery.
6) Flat displays are not the good choice. It will not be beautiful and attractive because the buyer can not view the jewellery conveniently. Tier should be more than one in the displays.
7) The tables should be covered with different color clothes. The themes should be changed according to the season as in winter some red and green color theme should be used and in summer black and silver theme should be applied. The interior of the whole shop should be maintained properly and uniquely so that it may appeal the buyers.
8) A box for business cards should also remain on the table which will not only widen the business but also bring the customers back to the shop.

9) If different signs of work done would be made on the visiting cards it will be beneficial and sounds commodious for the customer to search according to their desires. It is a good ideas if the headings are made on the cards like bracelets, men’s and women’s jewellery, anklets, etc. Also the services which are provided by the seller should be mentioned as it will be helpful for customers.
10) Having a business sign or a logo is very important. Only that sign should be chosen which would match with the name of the business.
These tips are the best and can make the jewellery display professional and can increase the sales.

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